Big Brotherly Love…

It’s like Marmite. You either love it or you hate it. I love Marmite & I love Big Brother and I will add, I have NO shame.

Let’s go back to the Summer of 2000. I can remember desperately trying to boot up the WAP on my old Nokia 3300 while at work, to try and get the latest news about the drama that Nick Bateman had been kicked out of the Big Brother house for cheating in the first ever UK series. It was that series that was the start of my relationship with Big Brother.

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve watched every series avidly because there has been the odd one or two that I couldn’t get into, but I have watched the majority and Summer just wouldn’t be Summer without the Daddy of all reality shows on my TV.

I’ve been to a couple of live evictions over the years aswell. These are a great experience and I would really recommend them to any BB fan. Head over to the Applause Store website & check out how to do this – they’re free! Even better.

The Big Brother experience has changed a lot over the years. Different houses, different concepts, different channels and different presenters. But my most favourite change is the addition of Twitter and the well used BBUK hashtag. It makes interaction and conversation so much more entertaining. Even with celebrity presenters. I’ll blog about that story one day! I can remember being totally hooked on the John James & Josie love story & was regularly up until the early hours watching the live feed & tweeting about it. I was like a Zombie that year. It was great. Although I have to admit, I was quite pleased when that series was over. A normal sleep pattern could resume.

The live feed didn’t continue but Twitter communication did & I’ve met some fabulous fellow BB fans over the years because of it.

The series came to an end on Channel 4 a few years ago and I was gutted. So when Channel 5 bought the rights for it I was over the moon. Summers will be the same again. I don’t miss Davina McCall presenting it, in fact Emma Willis has been a breath of fresh air and after this series I think it’s looking better than ever. In fact it’s up there as being one of the best series since it began all those years ago.

I’ve just had a cosy night in bed watching this years final & I always get a little sad when it’s all over. Call me stupid or whatever you want but it always feels like you’re saying goodbye to old friends when it ends. I’ve been watching these guys for two months and then all of a sudden they’re gone!

I’m over the moon with this years result. I’ve wanted Sam to win for weeks now. There was just something humbling about him and it was well deserved. I’m also pleased that my five votes weren’t a waste of time or money 😉

I’ll defend Big Brother til it’s death. Try me. A few have. I don’t care if I appear sad in that I get so engrossed in it. We’re all allowed a guilty pleasure and Big Brother is mine. At least it only lasts a few weeks over the Summer unlike that awful bloody football season. But I’m not one to complain! 😉

I’m pleased I’ve only got two evenings to fill before Celebrity Big Brother begins. Another round up of cheesy Z List celebrities to get our teeth into. Bring it on. I’ll see you on Twitter for discussions aplenty!

What do you think to Big Brother, do you love it or hate it? Let me know.




  1. 20th August 2013 / 3:14 pm

    I’ve been debating writing a very similar post – but you just took the words from my mouth! 😉
    I’m just as addicted – I remember all those years ago when they showed a programme introducing the Dutch version, saying they were going to hold auditions for a BB in this country.. and since then I’ve NEVER missed a series. Ever. Even the shit ones lol. I get FAR too involved. And I always wanted to be on it 🙂

    • 21st August 2013 / 8:46 pm

      I did too hun but there’s no way I could now Ethan’s here. Can’t wait until tomorrow night. I’m having withdrawals already!

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