Things You Should Know About September Babies

Things You Should Know About September Babies

When your little bundle of joy arrives, you are just grateful that he or she is here and give little thought to the implications of their month of birth. This soon changes. The UK academic year runs from September to July. There is no adequate explanation for this other than a vague reference to farming and reaping the harvest but even that runs into September and so doesn’t make much sense. It may also have been something to do with wealthy families ending their summer holiday periods!

Whatever the reason, you will now have to abide by the rules that it dictates and that includes which school year your child will be placed in. Some schools allow children to start after Easter or after Christmas but that does not affect the school year that they are educated in.

For children who are somewhere in the middle of the year, there are no marked advantages or disadvantages but for children with birthdays in September and August. This could not be further from the truth. A child with a September birthday can be a whole year older than some of his or friends and that makes a huge difference.

What is it like to be a school child with a September birthday?

These are the oldest children in the class. They could be a full 12 months older than their contemporaries and at the tender age of four years that is a huge period of time. At this age, the development of the brain is rapid. In a full year, the child’s potential for learning and solving problems is transformed. Concentration and the ability to socialise with other children also changes markedly at this age.

This is no small matter as it affects the life chances of the child and their ability to access higher education. We all know that kids who get into the best universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge are likely to earn far more that the rest of the population. Children born in September are 25 percent more likely to go to Oxford or Cambridge than a child born in August.

Kids born in September are likely to be under the star sign Virgo and as http://astrostyle.com/love/12-signs-in-love/love-signs-virgo/ tells us, they are the perfectionists of the zodiac. Perhaps this contributes to their academic achievement. Perfectionists do better academically as they apply the attention to detail that is needed to achieve the higher academic grades.

Our star sign can influence our lifestyle so why not your approach to school work?

Children who just missed out on a September birthday

Statistics show that June-to-August babies do less well in GCSEs by a factor of 6.4 percent which may put them at a disadvantage. Teen development is very variable and rapid so 12 months make big difference at this age as well.

They are less mature when taking public examinations and this may affect how they revise and prepare.

Their physicality is also an issue. They may be smaller, lighter and shorter and this may make them feel more threatened in a school environment.




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