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I wasn’t sure whether to write this blog. I mean it’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. But when thinking about what to write about today, I was only drawn to one thing. My little baby boy.

Some of you will know and some of you won’t. On the 16th December last year, I gave birth to Ethan. So, for the last three months, my days and nights have totally revolved around him. So, it’s understandable that he’s at the fore front of my mind in everything I do. Including my writing.


This isn’t one of those blogs that whittles on about my baby and what he can do and what he can’t do. No one really wants to read about that. This is about my feelings towards him and how totally overwhelming they are. Nothing can prepare you for having your heart beating outside of your body. That’s the only way I can describe having a child. A piece of you out there, separate from yourself. I never thought it possible to love anyone as much as I love my little boy. Of course I love my husband and the rest of my family. But the love between a Mother and her child is that of a different kind. It’s truly incredible. It’s the kind that bursts out of you. No amount of words can describe it or do it justice.


Yes, he cries. Yes, he gets me up in the night, sometimes more than once. And yes, he grizzles. But the second he smiles at me, that beautiful gummy smile of his? None of that matters. He tugs on my heart strings like nothing I’ve ever known.

It’s becoming clear that he’s a little Mummy’s boy. This secretly makes me very happy. Because I know that he loves me as much as I love him. And as I used to say to my Mum and Dad when I was tiny. That’s more than the world and the world never ends. <3



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