I’ve been a bit bloggy confused….

I love having my blog. I really do. But over the past few days I’ve been a little lost. I haven’t known which direction to take it in and have even possibly had, dare I even admit, writers block? 🙁


But on further investigation I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t think that this is the case. I think I just need to decide which direction to take my blog in. I want it to be a frequent thing that I  do, not just something on a whim, every now and again. In short, it’s something I want to take seriously.

So, I decided to have a mooch around the old tinternet and see what other people do. The kind of blogs that appealed to me most were the sort that people treat as a bit of an online diary. I’m not talking inner most feelings and heartfelt thoughts  (although if something winds me up, that could appear!) I’m on about the kind of ‘log blog’. What I’m up to and what I think about it. This will make for regular posts and at least get me started on the right track. And it will, eventually cover every topic. Making me a good all rounder. Twitter is featured on my blog anyway, and I use that daily. This way, the two can run side by side, hand in hand. How cosy.

So, there we go. It starts here. Watch this space… if you want to of course.


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