How to Have a Mind Blowing Wedding in Mykonos

How to Have a Mind Blowing Wedding in Mykonos

Blue skies, turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and whitewashed buildings with blue doors. What could be better than having a Mediterranean wedding on the great glamour island of Mykonos?

Stunning 360-degree views and fiery sunsets make this island the perfect location for a romantic destination wedding.

However, destination weddings can be fraught with issues –deciding the menu, booking caterers, flowers vendors, lining up wine tasting sessions, ordering a cake, etc. These issues can take up considerable time and energy, leaving you no time to pamper yourself or relax before your big day.

For brides who are already stressed before their upcoming nuptials, taking care of these small details can be a nightmare – not at all what you imagined a small, intimate destination wedding to be like. However, did you know that many island villa companies offer complete Mykonos wedding planning services? From taking care of small details such as a customised cake topper to booking one of the many private chapels, setting out the menu, hiring DJs or live bands.

If you have your heart set on a destination wedding, then here are a few tips to help you have a mind-blowing wedding on the picture-perfect island of Mykonos.


Don’t try to do everything yourself

As the bride or groom, you probably have many things to worry about already without adding to your stress about details such as booking the chapel or hiring musicians for the big day. Hence, it is better to transfer your headache to professional wedding planning services.

From setting the menu to booking a picture-perfect chapel, Mykonos wedding planning services include everything. What’s more, they will also book essentials like a spa day and if you so wish, carefully plan excursions to nearby beaches and islands for you, your friends and family. Who said you can’t enjoy yourself before your wedding?


Book well in advance

Mykonos weddings can be tough to plan, especially for your guests. For an entirely stress-free experience, you can book tours to historical sites, ferry rides to islands close by such as Santorini and Paros, wine tours and a relaxing day at the spa. The key here is to book well in advance to ensure that nothing and no one is left out.

Booking a villa for your Mykonos wedding can also be a once in a lifetime experience. However, in order to avoid any unnecessary hassle, remember to book the accommodation at least 6 months to a year in advance.


Try to visit the place once before

Although many might believe that travelling all the way to Greece just for your wedding can be a bit excessive, you don’t have to look at your trip this way. Imagine yourself taking a well-deserved pre-wedding vacation. Other than being ideal for a wedding, the island of Mykonos is known as the ‘great glamour island of Greece’, making this the perfect spot for a bit of a vacation. Tour the traditionally whitewashed maze, sample scrumptious Greek cuisine and experience a nightlife like none other on this stunning island.

Be sure to book the same villa that you are planning to reserve for your wedding – this will give you a chance to thoroughly explore their amenities and services. The biggest benefit of staying in the same villa would be that you can discuss what you want for your wedding with the party planner face to face, without the hassle of scheduling calls or sending numerous e-mails.

Even better, ask if the villa is hosting a wedding during your stay. This will give you the opportunity to see the quality and quantity of food, decorations, flowers, music and a million other details that you might not even have thought of yet.


Ask for fireworks

The vision of fireworks against an inky black sky dotted with bright stars can be one of the best memories you have of your wedding day. Arrange for a firework show post-dinner and enjoy a truly remarkable experience. With gently rolling hills at your back and the deep blue sea in front, a well-planned fireworks display can be breath-taking.


Planning a destination wedding can be difficult. However, planning your big day at a luxury villa which offers wedding planning services can save you considerable time and effort. Follow these tips to ensure a mind-blowing experience for a luxurious wedding at the idyllic location of Mykonos.








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