Babies taggy blanket – a review….

Babies taggy blanket – a review….

On both Facebook and Twitter I recently posted pictures of a personalised taggy blanket that I bought for my baby, Ethan.

I bought the blanket as I’d noticed that he loved playing with the muslin cloths we use on him and he always seems to go for the tags on his soft toys. I’d heard of the taggy blankets especially for babies and so looked into buying one for him.

I Googled and stumbled across a website and online shop called ‘The Cuddle Company‘. They specialise in these blankets and other related items such as bedding and cuddle cubes. What I like about their products is that you can personalise them by choosing the type of fabric they use and have the name of the baby embroidered onto it. Making it totally unique.

I’ve included pictures of the final article below. As you can see Ethan loves it. And who can blame him, it’s so soft to touch, I’d love an adult sized one for myself to snuggle under!

The blanket itself cost £9.99 and postage was £1.50. I think this is very good value for money. Many others I’ve looked up online have cost in excess of £20 and that’s without the personal touch.

The blanket is beautiful and I’m so very pleased with it. I couldn’t recommend The Cuddle Company more. And not only is it perfect for now, but what a gorgeous keepsake for years to come.



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