10 Things You Have To Say To Your Family Members

10 Things You Have To Say To Your Family Members

How often does it happen that it looks as if everything is going right, but it ends in a big argument? Sometimes we don’t admit the small signs when something goes wrong. Also, it’s possible for us to advert the outcomes which result in a huge dispute if we take into account little principles and sayings in your own family. I guarantee that if you keep on saying these things, you’ll have far fewer conflicts in your family.

So here we go with these things to say:

“Is it a right time for you?”

Always be polite and think in advance whether your family member has enough time to listen to you. Probably, they could be busy, so it’s better not to intrude into their personal world at that time and come to them later. Remember, that it must be comfortable for both of you to begin a conversation.

“Thank you for your piece of advice. I’ll think about it later.”

Never say: “I do not need your comments” or “I am not interested in your opinion” because you create a negatively-oriented atmosphere by that. Instead of that, always be polite and leave a smile on your family member’s face saying something, which is positive and grateful.

“Happy Birthday!” “Merry Christmas!” “Happy New Year!”

Never forget about the holidays. This is a special time to remind about your love for your family. For example, you may use happy birthday to my little or big sister quotes to express your feelings to your little or big sister. Time is passing by, but if you create a tradition of saying these things constantly, the good memories are promised.

“Would you like to hear my point of view?”

To tell the truth, not every child will respond positively if they are asked this question, especially if they are a teenager or an older one. However, saying this phrase does really make the mother or father higher and more valuable in the eyes of their child because it makes them look so involved and so poker at the same time. The child will even respect a parent more after telling this thing, to be honest.

“I am sorry.”

Probably, this phrase is the most difficult to be pronounced in a family, but if the family wants to be a real unity, its members must say this phrase from time to time to each other. Being sorry does not mean that you are less worthy and it’s totally not shameful to admit the facts sometimes.

“Can you help me?”

Often family members become too proud of themselves that they begin to think that they do not need somebody to help them. It does not always have to be a husband. For example, it may be an elder son to help in a household. Ask for help and it’s given. Never lay a big burden on your back, ladies.

“You made my day!”

Giving feedback and receiving it is the two things people should have to coexist normally. It’s enough just to say how more interesting, stronger, better, sweeter your day have become thanks to your family member. It’s really important for your hubby or wife to listen to these words at the end of the day.

“What do you mean?”

Sometimes we might get confused about some things we hear, so it’s better to ask and scrutinize about what did this or that person mean exactly. Moreover, if you ask as a parent, you might figure out whether your child is telling the truth or not. So don’t hesitate to ask this question.

“Let’s wait till tomorrow till we get more information.”

There are some situations when the pressure is too big and your partner has to make a decision quickly. For example, imagine that she or he has received a new job proposal and the salary, which is suggested is high, but they are short of time so the decision has to be made soon. In such a case, often it’s better to wait till the morning and think twice.

“I love you!”

Finally, the most important is to say how much you love your partner or your kid. People are such a living beings, who are to be repeated constantly that they are loved. Do it every day. Don’t answer just “Me too” if you are told “I love you”, say the whole thing “I love you too”, and you’ll be fine.

Be happy and live a wonderful life in a family, bringing up your children and having great relationships with your spouse! Have a wonderful day!


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