Just Jump Right In: Understanding the Basics of Swimming Pool Ownership

Just Jump Right In: Understanding the Basics of Swimming Pool Ownership

It’s not hard to sell the benefits of having an inground swimming pool when you consider the fun and enjoyment it can provide for family and friends year after year, but you do also have to understand that there are some regular jobs to do in order to keep your pool ready for action.

Here is a look at how to maintain your pool and keep it safe and healthy to use whenever you fancy a dip, including an overview of the maintenance basics, how to balance your pool, plus an alternative option if you don’t want to do the work yourself.


Keeping your pool clean

Some people might think that the task of looking after your pool and carrying out regular cleaning and maintenance duties is a lot of hassle and one aspect of pool ownership that is not attractive, but the work involved is often a lot easier than you might think.

When you use someone like Alphapools to install your swimming pool you can expect to receive the backup you want to maintain your pool and keep it safe and ready to use at any time, including guidance on what regular tasks need to be carried out.

An excellent starting point would be to purchase a cover for your pool.

A good quality cover will protect your pool when it is not in use and will help keep debris away from the water which will reduce the time you spend cleaning it, as well as helping retaining water temperature.


Balancing your pool

When you are first faced with the prospect of trying to properly balance your pool water it might seem a bit daunting but with the right testing kit and after a few goes at it, you should soon find that you can keep the water clean and safe to use with the minimum of fuss.

Balancing your pool means achieving the right pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels. Once you get that balance right everything else works better and you also greatly reduce any prospect of swimmers getting any eye or skin irritation.

Chlorinating your pool is important as it removes the threat of bacteria and eliminates algae.

You can use slow-dissolving chlorinating tablets to keep your water clear and most of the tables available have a built-in stabilizer to avoid sunlight burn-off reducing their effectiveness.


Leave it to a professional

If you are unsure about how well you can maintain your pool on your own or simply prefer to enjoy using the facility without having to worry about the maintenance tasks required, the answer would be to appoint a professional to do the work for you.

You can get a pool maintenance contractor to accurately preserve the proper chemistry of your pool water and check that all the filters and other mechanical aspects of your pool are working properly.

Weekly maintenance will keep your pool sparkling all year round and using a professional can also help to identify any potential repair issue before it escalates.

Owning your own swimming pool can be a lot of fun and you shouldn’t be unduly concerned about maintenance as you can soon learn the ropes on how to keep the pool ready for action or hire someone to do it if you just want to jump in whenever you want.



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