5 tips for choosing a whole house well water filter

5 tips for choosing a whole house well water filter

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If you are relocating from a metropolitan area to the countryside, it is very obvious to have a concern about the water quality. In many urban localities also, the quality of the water supply may not be of the standards that is desirable and safe. So, it is wise not to take it for granted that water is plentiful and harmless, though, to the plain eye, it may look nice and clean. Your only water source may be a private well in your compound that provides inedible or hazardous water. The well water might be rusty, full of sediment, possess a bad stink, or perhaps include harmful bacteria that induce sickness. Without whole house water filtration system at your doorstep, you have to find a quick and suitable solution.

A whole house well water filter makes sense for homeowners with wells. Know the probable hazards of well water and how some optional components of your filter can provide you with the safest, best-tasting water possible. A filter that is equipped with the appropriate well water filtration components will target and remove the contaminations from the water that your family consumes or is exposed to.


A thorough water analysis prior to choosing a system is imperative. Several test kits are available in the market to check the parasite or heavy metal content of the water and give you a true picture. It is necessary to convert your well water filter system based on the outcomes of those tests. These tests will look for unwanted items like pesticides, inorganic chemicals, volatile organic chemicals, bacteria, viruses and other undesirables that may cause sickness or that have been correlated with disease. Ideally, you should get a water evaluation done every year to test for the most common pollutants.

Pumping Systems

Most wells pump water from the earth mechanically by using a submersible pump.  If the well is shallow, a jet pump pulls water from the well to generate water pressure for the household. Some well water systems have a large holding tank to hold the water before it is pumped again to the household. Many other well water systems are gravity fed and engage the law of gravity to generate water pressure for the dwelling. Understanding the basics of the way the well water system performs is essential when selecting a water treatment system. With the wrong selection, the style of treatment method that is utilized could affect the water pressure in addition to flow rate within the home.

Flow Rate

Water wells and well pumps come in different capacities and pump water at different rates. It’s easy to test the well pump to determine what is the actual flow rate from the pump. This will allow you to decide on the right sized water treatment system that can be selected which will work great with the given flow rate. You have to consider filter size, filter life, port size besides flow rate before taking a final call.

Water Pressure

Water pressure also plays a crucial role in selecting a water treatment system. Some water treatment techniques are going to decline the water pressure as the water flows through the equipment. It is very important to be aware of what the water pressure you get from the well pump, prior to selecting a water treatment system. Otherwise, you will end up with insufficient water pressure inside the bathroom as well as other fixtures and home appliances. A lot of well pump systems are generally fine-tuned to operate at an improved pressure if the pressure is not high enough, to begin with.

Best Treatment System

While some water treatment systems get rid of several pollutants, there is not just one treatment system that can work for every application or water contaminant. It is very important to know what are the abilities of the treatment methods that are being considered and their limitations as well. Almost all water treatment systems have certain ranges or conditions in which they perform well


Whatever system you choose to integrate with your home, proper storage of the filtered, decontaminated water is necessary. Without considering the budget, go for the best available filter considering your actual need. Water means life and purified water means a better life.


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