Our wedding anniversary – A celebration…

Our wedding anniversary – A celebration…

I’ve been looking forward to writing this blog post. It’s a blimmin good excuse to go back and reminisce about one of the best days of my life.

That day was two years ago. Admittedly, as marriage’s go, that’s not necessarily that long to some people. It’s not like it’s a mammoth one like twenty five years. But I’m not writing this to celebrate the length of time we’ve been married, I’m writing it because it was such a beautiful day and so much hard work and effort went into it. It’s still so fresh in my mind that it feels like yesterday and more than anything I would love so desperately to go back and do it again. But alas, we can’t. But we can look back at the day through words and pictures. So here we are.

If there was ever a way to explain the title of my blog, ‘Stiletto’s, Stars and Rock n’ Roll’, it’s with this post.

Stars featured heavily throughout the day, being the main wedding theme. So much so that my fantastic sister painstakingly handmade all of the wedding stationary, which involved glueing hundreds, if not thousands of stars, one by one on to invitations, order of the day cards, menu’s, place-cards and the table plan, just to name a few. This continued the theme of the poem that had already featured in our invitations.

As you can see from the photograph. the invitations were pink with a black print. This set the scene for the rest of the wedding. Pink and black. The men wore black tails with black trousers and waistcoats and pink cravats. All except my Groom and his Best Man who had pink waistcoats to set them apart from the Ushers. My choice of course, We all know girls have a better eye for this. Well, in this case this much is true. I loved the idea of the contrast between the two colours. So when I decided, I just went with it. And it was different. If I wanted anything at all, I wanted it to be different.

My bridesmaids had beautiful satin pink, strapless knee length dresses with black shoes and accessories. I left the hair styling totally down to them to choose how they’d be most comfortable. I wasn’t going to be a bride that wanted a uniform. If anything this wedding was about individuality and that meant for everyone, not just me. Our niece was a flower girl and she wore an off white knee length dress with a pink sash and carried a star shaped wand decorated with small flowers.

The girls and I carried bouquets consisting of pink and ivory peonies and roses with black feathers. My bouquet was primarily pink and the girls ivory. The contrast in colours against the dresses was stunning.

This brings me onto the dress. My beloved dress.

I knew from day one I wanted something ‘a bit different’. In fact I said it so much, it became the phrase of the moment.

I’d done the usual trying on a hundred dresses and didn’t believe I’d know when I’d found the one. But you really do. And boy, was it different! I’m not going to describe it. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


I knew I’d hit the jackpot with the dress when I entered the room and heard gasps and intakes of breath at the sight of it. I thought that only happened in films. Obviously not, you just need the right dress!

I am known for my love of shoes and many people were very keen to see my choice of footwear for the special day. Of course with a dress so different, they had a lot to live up to, but I think I managed it and they complimented each other perfectly.


That covers the stiletto’s and the stars and so on to the rock n’roll.

Music featured heavily throughout the day. And you can probably guess where this is going. I wasn’t going have strings or anything like that. So far this wedding had a big personal stamp on it and that wasn’t about to change. I’m proud to say that I walked down the ailse that day to Slash playing The Godfather theme tune. Not your usual wedding march, but certainly my kind. If you’ve not heard it, take a moment to have a look on YouTube and tell me you don’t get goosebumps. I’ve included a photo of the inside of the Order Of The Day card that details the rest of the music played throughout the ceremony.

We had two readings during the ceremony and these, again, were not your usual type. They were both read by two of my oldest friends. Making them even more special. I’ve decided that I’m going to detail these on separate posts throughout the rest of this week. This way everyone can enjoy them for what they are. Watch out for those.

We had a three-course meal at tables dressed with a sprinkling of stars and tall vases containing pink roses and peonies with black feathers, in keeping with the bouquets. The table names were that of song titles, keeping the rock n’ roll trend flowing nicely. Sweet Emotion, Beautiful Dangerous and November Rain were to name a few.

This was all followed by us cutting our three tier cake. One layer was Victoria sponge, one was Chocolate and the third was my Mum’s homemade fruit cake. All covered with a trickle of pink and black stars, each with black and pink ribbon and the topper was a star explosion. Simple, yet effective.

The day turned into night with the blink of an eye and in the evening we had a disco. Our first dance was Use Somebody by the Kings Of Leon. This will forever remain ‘our song’ and always makes me smile when I hear it.

In the evening we ate sausage and bacon baps with chips on the side. Who wants posh food after a few beers? It went down a storm.

It’s really hard to believe that two years have gone by. What’s even harder to believe is that four years have gone by since we began planning it. I am so proud to say that I didn’t stick with tradition when planning the wedding. I knew I wanted it ‘a bit different’ and so found ways to keep it this way. I wasn’t drawn in to the same old stuff that keeps getting rehashed in all of the wedding magazines. There was a very personal touch to the day, from the reason behind the star theme (a romantic story I’ve not divulged), to the colour scheme, to the handmade stationary, the dress, the shoes and of course the music.

It was all about us. As it should be. And as it should continue to be. It was so sad when the day was over. All that planning and it was over in a flash. But I look back and realise that it was the beginning, not the end.

Two years ago today, I married my best friend and the love of my life. Two years later, those two are now three after the birth of our beautiful baby. I look back with nothing but pride in ourselves in achieving what we have. We’ve done that in two years! Give us another twenty five and we’ll see what we can do! 😉





  1. Gill
    25th July 2013 / 3:38 pm

    two years later I found one of those very stars in a very special place. xx

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