Reminiscing with readings…

Reminiscing with readings…

Continuing with the theme of our wedding as we celebrate our second wedding anniversary this week, as promised, I am featuring the readings that we had. I mentioned in my previous blog, which you can read here, that we had two, both read by two of my oldest friends. 

I was sticking with my own tradition when I picked the readings. I didn’t want anything that our guests would have heard before. I also wanted something with a bit of humour. Something that people could maybe link to us, both then because of the content and then in future if they heard it again. I didn’t take it lightly and searched for quite sometime before I found the ones that I wanted. 


The fierce Dinosaur was trapped inside his cage of ice. Although it was cold he was happy in there. It was, after all, his cage.
Then along came the Lovely Other Dinosaur.
The Lovely Other Dinosaur melted the Dinosaur’s cage with kind words and loving thoughts.
I like this Dinosaur thought the Lovely Other Dinosaur.
Although he is fierce he is also tender and he is funny.
He is also quite clever though I will not tell him this for now.
I like this Lovely Other Dinosaur, thought the Dinosaur. She is beautiful and she is different and she smells so nice.
She is also a free spirit which is a quality I much admire in a dinosaur.
But he can be so distant and so peculiar at times, thought the Lovely Other Dinosaur.
He is also overly fond of things.
Are all Dinosaurs so overly fond of things?
But her mind skips from here to there so quickly thought the Dinosaur. She is also uncommonly keen on shopping.
Are all Lovely Other Dinosaurs so uncommonly keen on shopping?
I will forgive his peculiarity and his concern for things, thought the Lovely Other Dinosaur. For they are part of what makes him a richly charactered individual.
I will forgive her skipping mind and her fondness for shopping, thought the Dinosaur. For she fills our life with beautiful thoughts and wonderful surprises. Besides, I am not unkeen on shopping either.
Now the Dinosaur and the Lovely Other Dinosaur are old.
Look at them.
Together they stand on the hill telling each other stories and feeling the warmth of the sun on their backs.
And that, my friends, is how it is with love.
Let us all be Dinosaurs and Lovely Other Dinosaurs together.
For the sun is warm.
And the world is a beautiful place.

I’ve always been an avid fan of Sex and The City. There is an early episode in which Carrie is asked to write and read an original piece at a friends wedding. I knew very early on that I wanted this poem read at ours. I love it in the way that the words are beautifully yet simply written. 

Carries Poem

His hello was the end of her endings
Her laugh was their first step down the aisle
His hand would be hers to hold forever
His forever was as simple as her smile

He said she was what was missing
She said instantly she knew
She was a question to be answered
And his answer was “I do”

I hope you’ve enjoyed the readings and the look back of our special day. On we go now into our third year of marriage and its exciting to not know what’s around the corner. 



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