Did you miss me?

Or did you totally forget that me and my little blog existed? I hope it wasn’t the latter, but then I can’t blame you if you did. I kind of disappeared off the radar for a little while and for that I’m really sorry.

Things got a little hectic following our wedding anniversary and coincidentally my last blog posts. Sadly we had a death in the family, this resulted in us travelling some distance for the funeral and time just went away with us. So you can understand that my blog wasn’t really one of my priorities.

On a lighter note there have been happier times. I’ve had my birthday and we’ve been on our first family holiday. These two were particularly fantastic. AND since I’ve been gone, Mr Sunshine seems to have arrived. How AMAZING is this weather? I’m loving it. Long may it continue.

I won’t deny – there was a little period of time where I considered taking this blog down. I knew that I wasn’t getting anywhere with it and I hated the idea of it sat here, like a book on library shelf that wasn’t getting taken out. I imagined it collecting dust and just withering away. I left it here because I knew that if I did remove it then I would kick myself. I don’t know what a lot of people think, but there’s a good few pieces on here that I’m really quite pleased with and so this is why we are still here. And I guess it’s a good job, because here I am. I made it back.

I went through a quiet spell whereby I had no blog inspiration whatsoever. Nothing jumped out at me that I wanted to write about, and I didn’t want to write for the sake of just writing. What’s the point in that? But slowly over the last few days, words have been appearing in my head. Little sentences pushing themselves to the forefront of my mind, trying to escape, and when I thought about blogging again, I didn’t feel my nose screwing up.

So, here I am. Back. I’m not sure what the next installment will be. Lets see what inspires me first. Is there anything that you would like to read about? Anything you’d like my opinion on?

In the mean time? Thanks for sticking with me. It’s good to be back.

JJ x















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