Slackers apologies…

Oh very dear. I truly am sorry. There is no excuse for my serious lack of bloggage lately (I don’t even think that’s a word). I’ve just been at a bit of a stagnant phase with it and didn’t want to post stuff that’s absolute drivel. Who wants to read drivel?

However I didn’t want you all to think that I’d just forgotten all about it and so thought I’d check in with a bit of a journal entry kinda typethingymajig. You know what I mean.

So what’s new? No a huge deal to be honest. Only that we are now in what I consider to be the best month of the year. June. It’s such a beautiful month. It starts with our anniversary, of which this year is two years. This I can’t quite get my head around. It seems like yesterday! Then it’s my birthday and then we have our first family holiday to look forward to. I’m probably more excited than I should be about staying in a caravan in this country, but there’s something about it. It’s a good job that I love the sound of the rain of the caravan roof.

Stick two concerts within a week in there as well and that pretty much sums up June. Oh and little Munchkin turns six months too. So, all in all a pretty manic time. But all good. It’s nice that the sunshine has turned up for us so far too. Long may that continue.

But I’m not going to waffle on about the weather. That would be tragic. I can do better than that, stagnant phase or not.

I’m actually in the process of putting together a few blogs celebrating our anniversary and they’ll appear over the course of the next week. So keep an eye out for those, if you want to that is. It’ll be nice to go back and reminisce.

Anyhow. I’ve not seem anything in the news or gossip columns that’s rattled my cage lately, so no blogs full of opinions and criticism, apologies for that. I’m sure something, or someone will wind me up soon.

If this has turned out to be drivel, I’m sorry about that too. But you’ve got this far so it must have been a little worth it. I think I best go before I say sorry again.



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