What Could Be Causing Your Kidney Pain

What Could Be Causing Your Kidney Pain

Back pain can be uncomfortable, and while the majority of the time it is caused by an injury or some kind of trauma, sometimes that pain in your back can actually be your kidneys. Kidney pain can be a sign of something serious, but more often than not, it’s a reaction to something in your lifestyle that is leading to this ache. Take a look at some of the common causes of kidney pain below and if you are at all concerned, make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.


A urinary tract infection (UTI)

If you’ve experienced a urinary tract infection before, you’ll know how miserable they can be. Caused when bacteria enters the urinary tract, it can sometimes spread to the kidneys if not treated effectively. UTIs are particularly common in women, and if you suspect that you have one based on typical UTI symptoms, you should consult your doctor for treatments as you will most likely need antibiotics to clear up the infection.


What Could Be Causing Your Kidney Pain

It’s important to stay hydrated at all times, and your kidney pain could be an indication of being dehydrated, particularly if you wake up in the morning with pain after a hot, sweaty night’s sleep. Our bodies need more water than most people realize, and you should aim to drink water regularly throughout the day, and add in even more if it’s hot or if you’ve been particularly active. If you’re unsure about how much water your body needs, check recommended fluid intake guidelines according to your weight and always keep a bottle close by to stay hydrated throughout the day.


Drinking too much alcohol

Kidney pain could be caused by your alcohol intake – if you’ve been overdoing it lately, then a pain in your kidneys could be a sign that it’s time to slow down. Your kidneys have to work hard to flush out waste from your body, and if you’re a regular drinker or if you drink heavily, this could put pressure on your kidneys, particularly if you’re not drinking enough water to at least dilute the alcohol. Try easing up on the drink for a while and see if this improves the situation and try some home remedies for kidney pain here. Otherwise, it may be time for a visit to your doctor.

Poor diet

Poor diet is another issue which can cause kidney pain, particularly if you consume a lot of foods which are high in fat and salt. With many people consuming their daily salt intake many times over in just one day, try eliminating some of the worst foods from your diet, as well as resist the temptation to add salt to every meal. Red meat and other foods which are high in protein can also cause kidney pain, so be weary if you are embarking on a high-protein diet. Sodas and other carbonated beverages should be had in moderation, especially those that are non-diet varieties and contain a lot of sugar. Swap in fruits and vegetables and make an effort to cook home-cooked meals. Check out great seasonal recipes like this one for summer squash quiche and learn to cook some tasty new dishes. An improved diet will benefit both your kidney and overall health.


Remember, if kidney pain persists, there could be a serious issue, so make sure you consult your doctor to eliminate more serious causes.


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