Blonde v. Brunette…..

Something has been bothering me lately.
I spent ten years of my life being a blonde. Not just a mousey blonde, or a dark blonde. I’m talking white blonde. Platinum blonde. Gwen Stefani used to be my blondespiration. And I near as damn it got there.
I had a lot of fun being blonde. I could get away with anything. I’ve had more blonde moments in this life than I care to think about. But at least I had an excuse. Last year I decided to go completely the opposite & I was transformed from blonde to brunette within a matter of hours.
I did the total extreme. I went from white blonde to the darkest brown possible. Don’t get me wrong. I do love my dark hair, very much so. It’s just from time to time I miss my goldilocks. Particularly when I’m looking at pictures from my wedding. My hair was stunning that day, even if I say so myself.
Do I or don’t I? What colour should I be? It’s a mammoth task to get it back to that colour. A big decision…..



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