A lot has changed in a year…

A lot has changed in a year…

Twelve months ago this weekend I discovered that I was pregnant. I can safely say that life hasn’t been the same since, and never will be ever again. But I can handle that.

I’d been really, really poorly. Off work all week with the flu. Or so I thought.

I don’t know what even made me think about doing a pregnancy test. But I’d got one in the cupboard and so I did it. It was a Friday night and I vividly remember that my husband and I had had an argument. Either I’d stormed off upstairs or he’d gone downstairs, but either way, I was up and he was down. I remember looking at those two little pink lines and thinking “What the….” (Insert your own expletives here!)

I ran downstairs and was greeted by a grumpy faced hubby and stuttered the words “Erm……..I’m pregnant!”
He just looked at me. And said “You’re kidding?”
I only had to hold up the test to show him and from that moment on the earlier argument was forgotten and he was hugging me so tight I thought I might stop breathing.

Being a sceptical pair, he then toddled off to the local supermarket to buy another test….or two. I wasn’t convinced it was right, so did another one that night. Yep. Still two pink lines.
I kept the next one until morning. As this is the time they say its best to do it. So on the Saturday morning I did the last one. I now had six pink lines in total. It was safe to say I was definitely ‘with child’!

It was the weekend of my Mum’s birthday and I was seeing her later that day. I knew there was no way I’d be able to keep this from her. Even though I was very, very early on in the pregnancy (I’m talking two weeks here!), I had to tell her. So we did. We called them up and asked them to come and see us. Of course, she knew instantly. Mums do. Over the chuffing moon she was. It’s the news she’d been waiting an eternity for. What better birthday present?!

The next day we went out for Sunday lunch to celebrate and I can remember sitting there all quiet and smug. Not being allowed to have the gammon and fried egg that I’d been looking forward to all week. Or that pint of lager on the side. This was a big deal! So many do’s and don’ts! How would I remember them all?!

But I did. And I had a wonderful pregnancy. My baby was due on Christmas Day last year and I spent 2012 getting rounder and rounder. Thankfully mainly only on the tummy!

I can’t honestly believe where the last year has gone. Baby Ethan arrived on the 16th December and ever since my days have been a blur of nappys and baby snuggles (and sleepless nights and sterilising bottles!).

This weekend we’re going out for Sunday lunch to celebrate Mum’s birthday. Only this time I’m taking with me not just my husband, but my eighteen week old bundle of happiness that is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

A lot has changed in a year. I might have a fried egg and a pint to celebrate! 😉







  1. 21st April 2013 / 2:21 pm

    I must say through Twitter Ive enjoyed watching your life, doesn’t seem like yesterday you were planning your wedding day but the one thing that never fails is the love you have with your sister, sadly my brothers and I don’t get along but it makes me smile when you and Donna tweet each other, blow a raspberry on little Ethan’s cheek for me and tell Rob there’s always next season for Coventry City to do well! @stewpot

  2. Lauren Cross
    14th November 2016 / 11:28 am

    aw i loved this, i really loved how it was written. xx

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