Tick tock, tick tock….

Jeeeeez. Where the chuff does the time go?!

It seems like yesterday that I posted my last blog about bottles and boobies, but it was Tuesday! Before I know it, days have gone by and I look like a right slacker. So, as I have found myself on the sofa, tucked up under my blanket (no, I’m not 73, just cold) on a quiet Saturday night. I figured I’d do a quick update post. 
I’ve not a huge amount to talk about in all honesty. Just over a week ago my fairly recent McFly obsession continued in fantastic fashion as I went to see the opening show of their Memory Lane tour at Swindon. They’re just bloody brilliant. I can’t really get my head around how and why they’ve been around for ten years and I’ve not noticed them in the way I recently have. They were that ace that I came home and booked tickets for their next reasonably local show at the Kingsholm Stadium in Gloucester on June 13th. I’m stupidly excited about that. Elbows will be freshly chiseled the day before to ensure the best view possible of Tom. Yes. This week I also admitted that I have a geeky crush on Tom Fletcher. I have no shame. I love him. 
My little baby has made big progress this week. I say little baby but he’s getting bigger by the day. Looking more like a little boy and less like a baby every minute. This week he’s started on solids and last night moved in to his own bedroom. My boy. All grown up. I do miss him not being next to me but at the same time, it’s fab to get my bedroom back. And I’m excited about being able to watch TV in bed again. What a novelty. 
Operation ‘remove the baby weight’ also began this week when I signed up to Weight Watchers online. How the chuff these pro points are meant to work I don’t know… I’m that unconvinced that I’m using it alongside My Fitness Pal on my iPhone and iPad. I desperately want to start running again but I still don’t think I can find the time just yet. Not with a four, nearly five month old. If anyone can suggest how I can get this done, please let me know. I just know I’m desperate to wear my old faithful River Island jeans to the two concerts I’m going to in June. A 2lb loss a week could see this happen. I hope. 
This blog has been a tad mundane. Sorry for that. It’s been a long week, I’m pooped. I hope you are all well. Until next time. 
PS. Galaxy Defenders, stay forever…. 😉


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