Time to Kill? Try Your Hand at These Quizzes!

Time to Kill? Try Your Hand at These Quizzes!

Chances are that you spend half of your time run off your feet. When you’re not doing something, you’re probably getting ready to go there, making your way there, or making your way home. But no matter how busy you may be, sometimes you’re going to find yourself with a little time to kill. Perhaps you’ve arrived early and are waiting for an appointment. Maybe you’re waiting for your favourite tv show to start. You might simply be waiting for some food you’ve ordered to arrive or a friend to knock on your door. Whatever your reason for having nothing to do, don’t just sit and stare into the abyss. Try your hand at a few of these fun quizzes. Not only will they help you to kill a little time, but they’ll test your general knowledge and fill your mind with all sorts of information that might prove helpful at some point in the future!


Fictional Furnishings Quiz

If you’re a TV and film buff, you’ve probably taken a few quizzes on iconic television shows and films. But the questions tend to focus on plot, characters, actors, and lines or quotes. When’s the last time you scrubbed up on your knowledge of the sets and set design? Take the Factory Direct Flooring Quiz. This challenges you to recognize a popular film or tv show based on single pieces of furniture alone!


Time to Kill Try Your Hand at These Quizzes!


Capital City Quizzes

The days of sitting in Geography classes memorizing the capital cities of the world are well in the past for many of us. So how well has this knowledge stuck? Find out by taking a capital city quiz. There are plenty out there, and if you score lower than you’d have thought, there are also plenty of apps that are specially designed to help you memorize the capital cities from countries all across the globe. Not only will improvement in this area give you the opportunity to gloat, but it can come in extremely useful in a practical sense. After all, we should all be familiar with the world around us.


The Boring Trivia Quiz

We’re all familiar with someone who happens to know all sorts of facts that will never really be used, other than for the opportunity to show off a useless knowledge of boring trivia. But, if there’s time to spare, why not pick up a few useless facts of your own. The Boring Trivia Quiz will ensure that by the end you know what the little piece of plastic at the end of a shoelace is called, how many European countries’ names begin with vowels, and what year traffic cones were invented.


The internet is absolutely awash with different quizzes to try out, and these are just a few quizzes that are available to try out for free. So, make the most of them and see where they can take you. You’ll pick up all sorts of pieces of information as you go along when you might simply spend your time doing nothing else useful



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