Bottles and boobies, boobies and bottles…

I don’t care if it’s controversial. This is something that has been winding me up for the last twelve months, and continues to do so. There seems to be such a big taboo over bottle and breast feeding lately and it’s time it stopped. 

From the minute I found out I was pregnant, it started. The continual questions such as “Are you going to feed the baby yourself?” I mean, was it really any body else’s business?! Was this not a personal decision?!
What I really cannot stand is the people out there that criticise you if you choose not to breast feed. I was lectured on more than one occasion because I admitted that I wasn’t going to breast feed and had no interest in doing so. People had the nerve to try and make me feel like a bad Mum before I’d even become one, by telling me I wasn’t doing the best thing for my baby. 
Who the hell do these people think they are? There may have been a medical reason why I couldn’t breast feed. I might not have been able to, yet still I was made to feel like I was failing.
There wasn’t of course. I had no intention. I knew before I even became pregnant that I would never breast feed. It’s just not for me. There was no point any midwife or so called ‘know it all’ even trying to convince me. My mind was made up. 
I can safely say that no harm has been done. My baby was born nine days early and weighed in at 6lb 4oz. Eighteen weeks later he is in the region of 15lb (no official weight this week – weigh day is in two weeks time!) Does that sound to you like my baby hasn’t had the best?! No. From the beginning he had a bottle every three hours and then as he got older every four hours and every single time I knew exactly how much milk he was drinking.
If anyone even dares mentioning the bonding process regarding breast feeding, there’s every chance I will erupt. My midwife handed my baby to me and could not believe the instant connection. She was shocked. She said never before had she seen a Mother and Baby connect in such a way. He couldn’t take his eyes off me & stopped crying the minute he was handed to me. She even said there and then that I’d busted any breast feeding bonding myth. My son and I have had kept that connection and there hasn’t once been a booby in sight! 
I’m not saying either way is right or wrong. I’m saying that it is an extremely personal decision and no one should be pressured into doing something that they don’t want to do for fear of feeling bad. I wouldn’t dream of lecturing a breast feeder, even though I have thoughts on it. But that’s just it, they’re my opinions. They don’t need to be pushed on others. I just wish that those particular pushy people out there had the same consideration. 


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