What Did We Do Before eBay?

What Did We Do Before eBay?

What on earth did we do before eBay? I can hardly remember. I had a look the other day and discovered that I have been a member of the fabulous auction site for, get this, FIFTEEN YEARS! Yes! It’s really been around that long! Back in the day, it was so fresh and new and the thrill of bidding on an item was exciting. These days it’s become part and parcel of the internet world. It’s like it’s never not been there.


Online marketplaces have totally reinvented how we shop. Once upon a time if we needed to buy something that is usually quite expensive we would have to save up and buy it brand new. Or browse the local paper for the classified adverts if we wanted to pick something up second hand. The convenience of online auction sites means you can browse to your heart’s content and you don’t even need to worry about the location of the item, because sellers are more than happy to post something to you if you aren’t local.


I have bought such a variety of things on eBay over the years. From shoes to clothes, to party invitations, to laptops and so much more. I think I even bought a desk once! The beauty of it is these days is you can sell bigger items you wouldn’t normally know what to do with and arrange for a large item delivery if the buyer isn’t local. It doesn’t have to cost the earth like it once did. I have saved so much money shopping this way, it’s not surprising that it’s so popular the world over.


I wanted to find out what other people used places like eBay for, so I asked a few of my fellow blogger friends. I was also curious to see if they loved it as much as me.


“I use eBay so much, from second-hand clothes and toys and even stores on eBay for brand new items, it’s such a useful website and I honestly don’t know what I would use if this didn’t exist, it’s helped me buy clothes you cannot find anymore and built a pram out of parts off eBay. I use it for everything”. – Sarah, mummycatnotes.com


“They’re great for buying stuff for a fraction of the price and selling on the bits you no longer need. Online marketplaces are a life saver for buying bits for our second baby!” – Eileen, 2nerdsandababy.com


“eBay has always been my go-to for designer kids wear. I love having clothes that are a little bit different for my son, but I am not willing to pay full price for something we just don’t get a wear out of. With the rate that kids go through clothes, they are often in great condition and at a fraction of the cost”. – Kirsty, lifewithboys.co.uk


“I rarely shop anywhere other than eBay or Amazon online. We are rural and it’s a lifesaver getting things delivered. Plus I can look for bargains.” – Nikki, yorkshirewonders.co.uk



It seems that the world’s love affair with places like eBay and even Facebook Marketplace is far from over and they are a go-to for so many when trying to save a bit of money. I’ve talked before on my blog about the convenience of online shopping, and I think that it’s pretty safe to say that it’s not going anywhere. Especially whilst there are delivery services available that make it so accessible for everyone.


As well as being somewhere to find the goods we want, it’s a perfect way to get rid of unwanted items. We all have things that are too good to be thrown away but we no longer need. They always say that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and eBay is like one big treasure chest that’s waiting to be raided. It’s the perfect solution.



How do you feel about eBay? Do you still use it as much in later years? What’s been your best bargain to date? Let me know in the comments.




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