Garden Features That Are Guaranteed to Add Value to Your Home

Garden Features That Are Guaranteed to Add Value to Your Home

Whilst knocking out a wall to create a huge open plan kitchen is a great way to add value to your property, there are also lots of beneficial garden features that will also do the trick. People want their homes to be beautiful from the inside out, which means the gardens need to reflect the beauty that lays within. In order to enhance your garden and really give it the wow factor, you need to consider adding at least one of the following garden features into the mix. From ponds to fountains, these bold garden features are guaranteed to bring your home’s value up by your next valuation.


Stylish Storage

One of the easiest and possibly cheapest ways to add value to your property is to introduce some stylish storage to your outdoor areas. There are so many great ways to add storage to your garden, so it’s really easy to find the style that works for you. The most popular form of garden storage is the garden shed. Working as a kind of extension to the garage, the garden shed provides you with a spacious area to keep a range of products stored, from garden furniture and children’s toys to gardening equipment that takes up too much space in the garage. You can also look at introducing garden storage boxes like the ones you can get from Argos and other home stores.


Wonderful Water Features

If you really want to add the wow factor to your garden, then introducing a water feature is the perfect option for you. Water features instantly create a bold focal point within the garden that will add a unique touch filled with character. The most popular form of water feature for the garden is a pond, which can be created in any shape or size, depending on your garden itself. Ponds are perfect for creating a unique display in the garden, whilst also helping the environment at the same time. Bradshaws Direct have a huge selection of essential pond features, so if you’re looking to start out with your own pond you’ll be able to find just what you need there. Other bold water features include fountains, which can be slightly harder to incorporate into the garden, but still have a really positive effect on the overall aesthetic. Whether you have a small fountain built up from the rockery in the garden, or you decide to go for a full pump that creates more of an impact, you can create a really bold touch that will instantly transform your garden.


Easy Entertaining

Throwing garden parties and having family BBQ’s are only two of the many exciting things you can do with a practical, stylish garden. By introducing an area that makes it easy for you to entertain, you’ll instantly make your garden more admirable and interesting to potential buyers. Being able to have your friends and family around and entertain in the garden is a huge benefit, so it’s really important to have some kind of entertaining space. Some great ways to create this kind of space are introducing decking to your garden, a solid patio area or even some stone slabs to create a solid ground surface for use all year around. Similarly, you want to look at adding a barbeque, fire pit and some durable outdoor furniture to make the area as welcoming and relaxing as possible.




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