Halloween in London 2018 – what to see, where to go and what to do

Halloween in London 2018 – what to see, where to go and what to do

At the spookiest time of the year, why not raise your spirits with a trip to London, a city that goes big for its leisure time, and even bigger for its holidays. Whether you want to begin your haunted evening with some spooky tales and grizzly tours, or you want to turn up the beat with a Halloween themed party, there is room enough for all. Turn down the lights, string up the decorations and get your costume ready, as we go through the top tips of what to see on Halloween Night, London 2018.


A Moral Dilemma: The London Month of the Dead

Why have one day in October dedicated to Halloween when a full month can incorporate so much more fun? Avoid an over-crowded party by partaking in an event from The London Month of the Dead. These quirky events range from taxidermy to cemetery walks and even an up-close analysis of serial killers. Each incorporates a fun glimpse at the past, present and future of the macabre, and certainly provides a more unique experience into the eccentric nature of humanity, rather than pursuing the supernatural.


Halloween Theatre

For those who wish to experience a dash of culture with their fright for the night, the theatre is always a place to find a good haunting tale. London Theatre has the classic tales of Frankenstein, Dracula and even The Woman in Black ready to give your spine a shiver on Halloween night.


Parties and Pubs: A spook at the end of a glass

Of course, Halloween would not be complete without a fun party to indulge in through the night. Pull out your best costume and get ready to drain all of the rum out of the Zombie Pirate Ship at Westminster Pier. If land is more of your style, you can even go to the Twisted Carnivale, fit with circus acts galore, fire breathers and DJ battles. With this 12-hour party, you’d best be prepared to dance till you drop!


Spotting the Scare: Ghost Hunts and Tours

If you feel brave enough to leave your hotel later in the evening, though the Dorsett Hotel in the City of London will probably be the safest place to be on Halloween, you are welcome to stumble through the streets of London before joining one of the frightening tours on offer during the night. There are harrowing Plague Tours that will provide you with the knowledge of buboes and disease, historical tours of famous buildings such as the Tower of London, Kensington Palace and even Hampton Court.


However, for some true scares why not go and hunt down a ghost at some quirkier locations, such as the Bruce Castle Museum, where you can investigate the cruel circumstances of the suicide of Lady Lucy, or even the Old Operating Theatre Museum where experiments took place without any source of anaesthesia. A ghostbuster or two would certainly be welcome in these venues.




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