The Most Popular Home Decor Trends for 2018

The Most Popular Home Decor Trends for 2018

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Trends and tastes are forever changing; nowhere is this truer than in the way we make our flats, bungalows, houses and even warehouses into homes! So, are you ready to bring your home up to date? Do you want to send your living space hurtling into 2018? If you do, then you are in safe hands. Here at Balustrade Components, we have done the work for you! We have scoured the internet and delved into the world of home decor trends to bring you a list of what is hot in our houses this year!


The Statement Ceiling

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The ceiling is not something we usually do very much with. Most of us opt for an inoffensive white or neutrally coloured ceiling, leaving the focus open for the walls and contents of the room. However, many have decided to flip this norm on its head. The focal point has gone from the walls to the space above our heads. Our ceilings are now being adorned with anything from a fashionable geometric pattern or bold colour to a curated collection of thematic objects. Some statement ceilings include plants, wicker baskets, lampshades, keys, kites, silks and magazines.


Spa Bathrooms

Home Décor Trends


The spa weekend has become an increasingly popular getaway in the last few years. With so many of us now hooked on the delights of a spa, and a national appetite for a more Scandinavian home atmosphere, it’s no wonder that we are starting to move some of these luxuries into our homes with this latest of home decor trends. People are opting for serene and peaceful bathrooms with huge jacuzzi baths that you can disappear into! Minimal decoration; natural textures, single tone tiling and soft lighting.



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An accent or explosion of nature and colour is something that many of us are really craving this year. From a spattering of modest houseplants to entire walls, ceilings or even rooms dedicated to plant life. The love for houseplants has actually been pretty prevalent for a number of years, however, this year we are seeing not only the plants themselves but a great deal of plant print on the wallpaper and in upholstery.


Recycle and Upcycle

Home Décor Trends


Upcycling and has taken a leap into the mainstream and is no longer just a furnishing solution for the thrifty. With the deteriorative state of our planet now firmly in our minds, a trend for stylish upcycling and recycling has now formed.


Featured Dark Wood

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The use of dark wood is very much a look of the past. In the 50’s and 60’s, before the Scandinavian ‘light wooded’ aesthetic was all the rage; it was quite normal to have a house decked from floor to ceiling in mahogany and stained oak. Dark wood is not back in quite this volume, but statement dark wood pieces are now being used as accents in rooms that are otherwise quite serene and muted. Bookcases, ottomans, coffee tables, fireplaces and picture frames are all good examples of how to subtly inject your home with dark wood.


Big and Bold Wall Art

Home Décor Trends


A big piece of art on the wall might seem like an old idea, and it is, but it has not been a must for our homes in quite some time. However, searches for ‘big art pieces’ have gone up considerably this year. We are after big, wall dominating pieces that exude our personalities and serve as a dramatic injection of colour and style.



Home Décor Trends


We are also going after fabrics that really deliver on texture. Leather has always been popular, but this year has seen a surge in the usage of distressed leather; this version of the fabric offers texture to both the eye and the touch. Velvet, an 80’s favourite, is also back in force!



Home Décor Trends


If 2017 was all about copper, then 2018 has taken the idea a step further. Mixed metallics is now the fashion! Having a reasonably muted and understated room highlighted by a mixture of metallic fittings, ornaments and feature surfaces has been come quite popular. This has not only become prominent in furnishings but has also translated into wallpaper and colour pallet choices; poplar finishes currently including shades such as nickel, brass, iron and bronze.


Vintage Fixtures

Home Décor Trends

This metallics trend has also fed into an appetite for vintage fixtures such as brass taps, ornate light switches and lighting solutions from decades gone by! This is a great way of adding accents of interest into an otherwise quite serene or minimalist room design.



Do you have any other home decor trends that you are favouring this year? Let us know in the comments.







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