Elegant Monochrome For Your Living Room

Elegant Monochrome For Your Living Room

Most of the time we tell ourselves to not see things in black and white, but when it come to living room decor it can be just the trick! Why? Well, because monochrome elegance is back in style of course, and it’s a look you can achieve in your own home easily and cheaply. Read on for some inspiration.


It’s just not a living room, without a couch or sofa, but you may be concerned about having one in white or black. This is because white sofas look amazing when they are new and fresh, they can dirty and age quickly making them impractical for families with children and pets.

Black can work well in a family home, as they definitely don’t show the dirt, but some folks think that such a large item of furniture in such a bold colour can dominate a room. So instead why not go for something in a darker grey such as gunmetal?

This colour is super in right now so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a sofa in that shade, plus it will be long wearing while still being subtle.


Now in a monochrome room, you can either go for shades grey or white walls. Bright white is very in right now but can seem a little harsh and cold for a family living room.

Elegant Monochrome For Your Living Room

So instead try a grey toned white, or give colour blocking ago. Colour blocking is where you block different colours onto the wall, in this case, whites, grey or even a touch of black to give you more warmth and texture.

Focal points

Another way of warming things up both metaphorically and literally in a monochromatic room is to install one of the many electric fires available. A real flame look against all of that black, white and grey can help to break up the monochrome and make it a more inviting family room.

Just remember to keep the surround and mantelpiece in either black, white or grey. As black will give you the most drama and create a real focal point out of your fireplace. While lighter shades of grey and white will help the focus be on fire itself.

Window treatments

Now window treatment in a monochrome living room needs to be thought carefully about. Having white voile may seem refreshing and airy, but they can be very impractical for cold weather, and when you want to shut the world out.

That is why you should consider black curtains in a luxurious fabric such as velour. Which will fit into your colour scheme and also be practical for family life.


Now a big part of getting a monochrome room right is how you dress it. Of course black and white photos, prints and illustrations lend themselves well to this scheme, as they are already in monochromatic tones.

Mount in white and black frames for maximum effect and use volume to create interest. You can even create a gallery wall at the longest part of the sofa or over the mantelpiece.



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