From Nightmare Room To Divine Lounging In 4 Steps

From Nightmare Room To Divine Lounging In 4 Steps

The spring is here and the season brings a natural sense of renewal. Birds are singing in the garden, the wardrobe is filling up with bright and new clothes, and the trees are in bloom. In short, it’s the ideal time to follow Mother Nature’s advice and change something in your life too. Living room, for instance, is a good place to start, as it’s not uncommon for the home décor to remain wintery and outdated when the first April rays of sun arise. Changing your living room décor can give your home a breeze of fresh air. A new ambience is the best way to take your home safely into the spring season.

Pick A Theme

Living rooms tend to be a crowded compilation of every possible thing on the planet, from a Chinese waving cat figurine to the latest tablet via cushion cover showing a dog wearing a moustache. Living rooms can easily become a disorganised mess. So it’s easy to change the feeling in your home by changing the décor of your living room. You will need to pick a theme to bring harmony into your décor. It may be difficult to pick a theme, but here are a few common ideas: Rustic décors with wood furniture and panels are a favourite in countryside houses; modern décors displaying clear-cut shapes often combine clean materials; romantic décors focus on flowers, rich materials and pastel shapes and colours.

A Room For Everything

When you’ve made up your mind on the theme, it’s important to measure your furniture and your room, so that you can more easily play with various décor disposition. Don’t feel limited by the position of the TV in the room, when you can get a professional TV aerial installation to fit a new décor. As long as you measure everything carefully, you can easily play with a variety of options until you find something that suits your needs. This will make your living room look a lot clearer and spacious

Coordinate Your Colours

Whatever the size of your living room, it is essential to provide a coordinated colour scheme so that the room can look harmonious. This doesn’t only extend to the choice of paint or wallpaper, but also to a greater sense of coordination in the colours of furniture, further décorative items, and accessories. Creating a harmonious space is key to building an area of relaxation, peaceful entertainment, and positive feelings. From an elegant palette of blue shades to soft pink and brown association, you will find that there are many options. Some are dictated by your choice of a theme; others can help to complete the right impression.

And There Was Light

Your living room requires appropriate lighting that doesn’t stop you from watching TV or enjoying a drink with friends. To put it in other words, a large lighting fixing is not suitable for small living rooms, nor is a small lighting system in a spacious living room. Additionally, you need to consider that the light equipment you choose will be part of your décor. Elegant glass brass pendants can work perfectly in a modern décor, but they don’t bring the right effect in a romantic décor for example. Or if you fancy something that makes a little more of a statement, try a deer antler chandelier. Whichever you choose, think carefully about your light!



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