A Secret Garden For Little Green Fingers

A Secret Garden For Little Green Fingers

If you are blessed with a little bit of green at home, then you are very lucky indeed. Having a garden used to be the right of every homeowner, however with our cities expanding and more of us settling for urban life, those of us who do have a garden should treasure it, especially if we have children.

Children and gardens are a beautiful, sometimes dangerous, mix. As parents, we should make a good garden mixture of child-friendly areas and gorgeous moments for adults to unwind and enjoy. So how can you create the perfect place for all the family to enjoy? We think we have the answer.

Firstly having a pond or water feature is great for the kids, as they find it exciting and it is fantastic for adults as we find it relaxing. The only issue is that ponds are an incredibly dangerous thing, especially if you have young children. That said, if you can create a safe water feature, then you will make everybody happy.  It is better to have a feature up high, rather than in the ground, where children can fall in. While most opt for dark pond liners; you might find it better to use a lighter one. This could just ensure that the pond is seen by any young children walking past. Don’t create a deep pond; fish can enjoy shallow ponds just as much but invest in a fountain or water feature. The safest way to enjoy a pond is to cover it with a wire top. This will stop children from falling in. You can always remove it when they hit their teen years.

Creating an area in the garden where your children can grow things is another great way of getting family enjoyment from this space. While you may opt to have a more grown up, kitchen garden, allow your children a small patch of earth where they too can grow some simple, but delicious produce. Strawberries are an excellent simple idea, and most small children will love the delicious fruits. However, if you want to increase the vegetables they get in their diet, perhaps you could help them to grow their cucumbers, courgettes or tomatoes. Runner beans are a fun one to grow too. Children will enjoy watching their garden grow and will love trying their produce too!

Finally, make them a little secret space of their own. Somewhere magical they can head too. Perhaps a little secret entrance to a small area. You could use shrubs to create this and then maybe install a small pergola or sheltered area. This will give them a little hideaway and somewhere to create games and use their imaginations! If you are lucky, you might even have a tree. Those with trees will never be forgiven if a treehouse isn’t installed. Some of the best memories a child can make are in a treehouse!

Enjoy your garden and make it a space for everyone.



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