The Latest Bathroom Decor Trends

The Latest Bathroom Decor Trends

Most homeowners like to redecorate their homes regularly, including their bathrooms. So, I thought I would take a quick look at some of the latest bathroom decor trends for this very important room.


Mosaic Tiles

Most people still opt to tile their bathrooms. This is hardly surprising given how practical this option is. Tiles ensure that the damp in the bathroom stays in the room and keeping them clean is super easy. You just need to use a squeegee to get rid of the water and clean them down every week. Right now firms like better bathrooms have a great selection of mosaic tiles available.


Monochrome bathrooms

One of the biggest bathroom trends for 2018 is the return of the monochrome look. White fixtures and fittings set against a black floor and walls is a strong, some would say, masculine look. It will be interesting to see if this trend really takes hold. The last time we saw this style of bathroom decor was in the 90s, but that time around it did not really stick.

For 2018, black taps and showers are part of the package. It will be interesting to see how well these fixtures and fittings last. If they prove to be as durable as chrome the monochrome bathroom trend may last a bit longer.


One colour bathrooms

If you do not fancy a black and white bathroom you might want to create a single colour one instead. Some retailers are selling tiles and flooring that match. Pastel pinks appear to be particularly popular at the moment.


Bedroom tubs

For the past few years, hotel decorating trends have leaked into the home decor space. People are increasingly staying at home, which means they want their homes to be as comfortable as possible. The big trend of decorating your bathroom to five star standards continues to be popular. Part of this trend is installing baths in bedrooms. This blending of rooms is one that is only possible to execute in big homes. However, there are free-standing slipper and hip tubs available that take up far less space. So, potentially, these could be used in smaller bedrooms.


Freestanding Bathtubs

In fact, whether your tub is located in the bedroom or bathroom, this year, most retailers are going to try to sell you a freestanding bathtub. There are some lovely modern looking freestanding tubs available. So, you do not necessarily have to create an Edwardian or Victorian style bathroom to own a freestanding bathtub.


Big mirrors

Mirrors are an important element of any bathroom. They make a huge difference to the way the room looks and feels. A nice mirror immediately gives the room a lift. Installing a large mirror is a fast way to make a bathroom feel bigger and more luxurious and there are plenty of these available, this year.


Integrated towel rails

Vanity units with integrated towel rails look great. They are also very practical. Once you have shaved, washed your face or hands you just need to reach down for your towel.


Bathroom crafts

People are increasingly making items for their home themselves. The craft movement has grown really fast over the past few years. So, it is not surprising that homeowners are increasingly making craft items for the bathroom. You can find some great ideas by clicking this link.



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