I Love You Mummy – Wednesday Wisdom 36

I Love You Mummy – Wednesday Wisdom 36

There are times when all I hear all day long is “Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy”. Always followed by a bizarre question or a request for something unreasonable. It can become wearing, draining and sometimes beyond irritating. Then every now and again, I hear “Mummy…?” and I can answer with a bit of a short, sharp “what?” to which I’m replied with, “I love you, Mummy”.

All of the other things pale into insignificance. Nothing beats hearing I love you Mummy. It makes all the harder times of parenting worthwhile. And oh how I love that little boy right back. More than he could ever imagine.


Nothing beats hearing ‘I Love You Mummy”



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I Love You Mummy - Wednesday Wisdom 36






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