Quick, Catch Up On That Beauty Sleep

Quick, Catch Up On That Beauty Sleep

When you hit thirty, you start to notice changes to your body. You start to see wrinkles develop and gravity to complete it’s rather cruel job. Other mums will know what I’m talking about here. It’s your first steps towards middle age, and it’s often not a pretty sight. But the good news is that you can avoid these changes if you act quickly. You can make sure that you don’t look like you’ve aged ten years in two. Parenthood certainly adds stress, there’s no doubt about that. But as long as you get your beauty sleep you don’t have to become your mother! The trouble is of course that as you get older, getting a good night of rest can be more difficult.


Try Writing

It certainly helps me. If I climb into bed and find I can’t shut my eyes, I find myself reaching for the laptop. This helps me collect my thoughts and tackle whatever is bothering me head on. Eventually, this means that my mind is at rest and so too is my body. Depending on the day it can take anything up to a few hours to get all the thoughts and troubles sorted out. If you think that means you lose a little sleep time, you’re right. But a lot of people feel that five hours is better than eight anyway. So, if you’re aiming for the full ticket, you might want to reconsider. Five hours will leave you filled with energy in the morning and just enough sleep that your body isn’t showing signs of age.


Catch Up On That Beauty Sleep

Get Comfortable

You might find that the reason you’re struggling to get to sleep is that your bed isn’t comfortable enough. Your back isn’t getting the right support, and you’re too hot under the duvet. If that’s the case, try a lightweight comforter. This will provide you with the cover you want and need in bed without causing you to sweat all night. You might even want to look into getting a smart bed. A smart bed changes based on your sleeping behavior. So, if you find that you are more comfortable with a dip in the bed, it will change to suit your need. While expensive, smart beds can give you the ultimate night of rest.


Catch Up On That Beauty Sleep

Treat Yourself

Before you climb into bed, try having a nice cup of cocoa or a warm drink. This soothes your body, making it easy for you to relax. Don’t have a sugary snack a couple of hours before you hit the hay, this would be a mistake. Instead, have a sugar free biscuit or something like a piece of toast if you’re peckish before bedtime. Remember, if your body is filled with energy, your mind won’t rest.



It’s a simple trick this one, but very effective. If you’re struggling to shut off at night, try blinking a few times. This will tire out your eyes, and that’s exactly what you need to fall into a deep, peaceful sleep.


For more tips, check out this really useful guide –  The Ultimate Guide to Getting Better Sleep.



Good luck getting those hours of beauty sleep. Remember once the signs of age start to appear they are irreversible no matter what cream you use.


Catch Up On That Beauty Sleep

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