Office interior design tips for all companies

Office interior design tips for all companies

Space management

The first thing to consider when fitting out your office is the space that is available to you. You need to work out how you’re going to allocate that space efficiently. Are you going to have an open plan system where everyone works in close contact with one another? Are you going to have areas where employees can go to work quietly if the hustle and bustle are getting too much? Are you going to have areas which encourage group activity?

Shared office space is becoming increasingly popular especially as flexible working is on the rise.  The number of new office buildings built in London has fallen 56%. This is something to bear in mind as a business owner. You could potentially be making huge cost savings by allowing staff members to work from home. Allowing working flexibility can offer great appeal when recruiting. Research has also shown that a well managed flexible working solution can increase staff morale, boost productivity and even assist in retaining staff.

These are the questions that you need to be asking yourself when a high-quality office refurbishment is on the agenda.


The colour of your office is very important for a number of reasons. First of all, the colours you elect to paint your office in should reflect your brand. It wouldn’t make sense to have your brand logo one colour and then have your office painted a different one. Brand continuity is important. Second of all, certain colours can indirectly transmit a message to employees, clients or whoever has access to your office. For example, red is associated with energy, passion and motivation so would be a good choice for any office. However, grey is associated with detachment and indecision, making it an undesirable choice for your office space.


It can’t be overstated how important lighting is to the design of an office, with both natural and artificial lighting playing a part. Ensure you have large windows wherever possible, to allow the natural light from outside into the office. This will help to brighten the place up, as nobody enjoys being in a dull room. Using artificial light is equally important, though, especially in certain rooms where windows aren’t possible. LED lights are usually a popular choice amongst businesses these days, especially in conference rooms.


One of the key components of interior office design is the furniture. What furniture you opt for when it comes to your office fit out can have a major impact on how your office looks, and subsequently how your business performs. First and foremost, the furniture must be current and fresh, you don’t want potential clients coming into an office with outdated furniture as it will give off the impression that your business is also outdated and not keeping up with the times. Another important factor when it comes to furniture is the comfort. Employees are going to be sitting on these chairs for the majority of their week, so they have to be comfortable for the happiness of your staff. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. The desks in your office should have good storage space, whilst the tables that are used for meetings shouldn’t be too large, to promote input from everyone around the table.

Think outside of the box

Some companies are starting to go against what would be considered a stereotypical design and begin to put their own stamp on their offices. For example, some companies are adding sofa spaces where employees can both relax and work at the same time with a laptop, as opposed to having employees sat upright, working at a desk all day. Meanwhile, other companies are starting to implement objects such as table tennis and pool tables into the office environment. The idea behind this is to allow employees to de-stress over a leisure activity whilst at the workplace, in the hope that it will then boost morale for when they return to their desks.

On the whole, these are the five most important things to consider when it comes to refurbishing an existing office or designing a new one from scratch. If you follow all these steps, then you’re sure to come away with something that is going to impress everyone who engages with your business. This will result in potential employees wanting to work for you, clients wanting to do business with you and your competitors being jealous of you. A win-win situation all round.




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