Time to Move on From Diesel?

Time to Move on From Diesel?

An increasing number of motorists are making the switch to alternatively fuelled vehicles and it is easy to see why. In addition to the important environmental benefits, these vehicles can also be much cheaper to run and there are now many types available with all the major manufacturers focusing their efforts on green motoring.


Plummeting Sales

This has all been accelerated by the proposed 2040 ban on petrol and diesel and the various bans and fines implemented in major cities around the world. This has had an enormous impact on the sale of diesel vehicles in the UK – diesel plummeted for the 14th month in a row in June dropping a whopping 23.6%. Meanwhile, demand for alternatively fuelled vehicles rose by a huge 36.1%.


The demand for diesel is in a free fall due to the proposed 2040 ban and various fines that are being introduced, but also because of the negative publicity that it has faced, including the Volkswagen emissions scandal in 2015. This has taken its toll and now many view this type of fuel as out of date and not a smart investment.


Diesel Benefits

Despite this, there are a few benefits to this type of fuel that could make purchasing a diesel a good option in the short term. The main benefit is that you get much better mileage with this type of fuel – it is typically around 30% greater than petrol. In addition to better mileage (and therefore spending less at the pumps), many motorists prefer the performance of diesel as they provide more low-speed torque. Finally, seeing as many motorists are making the switch it means that you should be able to find diesel for low prices from places like Imperial Cars.


Diesel Drawbacks

There are drawbacks, however, in addition to the proposed ban and various fines. The price of diesel is now about the same as petrol and they can be higher maintenance too. You do not get high-speed performance with this type of fuel and the maintenance can be more expensive if neglected.


Overall, there are benefits to diesel vehicles but also many drawbacks. Their vehicles work very well for a particular type of motorist and they could be a good solution in the short term provided that you do not reside near a city that has implemented fines on diesel vehicles. The proposed 2040 ban means that motorists should be looking to make the switch to eco-friendly vehicles in the near future and many are already making the switch. As a result, the days of diesel are numbered and it seems that if a motorist is looking to buy a new car then they will be better off going with an alternatively fuelled vehicle unless they are looking for a short-term car.




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