Getting out of a Pickle: 3 Things to Do If You’re Caught in Possession of Illegal Drugs

Getting out of a Pickle: 3 Things to Do If You’re Caught in Possession of Illegal Drugs

There are many different kinds of controlled substances in this country, but though they are illegal, it is undeniable that some people still use them anyway. Some use them because they want to feel good. Others might have heard positive things about them and are curious regarding their effects. Still, others use them to try and counteract feelings of sadness or depression. Whatever the case might be, if you get caught with controlled substances on your person, then you could face stiff legal repercussions depending on the drug and how much of it was in your possession when you were arrested. If you find yourself in this spot, here are three things that it makes sense for you to do.


Get Legal Representation

You may think that you know something about the legal system, or perhaps you know nothing about the criminal courts and how they operate. In either case, you do not want to try and represent yourself when you are called up in front of the judge. You can either get a public defender assigned to you or else you can hire a lawyer. Which you decide will often depend on your financial situation. If you don’t have any money, then you have little choice but to use a public defender and hope that they can advocate for you effectively. If you have the financial resources, it is probably better to get a more reputable lawyer on your side.


Be Respectful of the Court Proceedings

If you have never been through the system before, then it is possible that the judge will be lenient with you, assuming that you were not caught with a significant amount of a controlled substance. If you had a small amount for personal use, then you might be able to get off with a fine, or community service. If you want to avoid jail time, though, you should be sure to appear in court in the proper attire, and you should be well-groomed. Make it clear that you are taking the proceedings seriously. Address the judge in the appropriate manner, and indicate that you are remorseful for your actions. The judge will likely appreciate these signs that you are repentant.


Don’t Make Excuses for Your Actions

It sometimes makes judges angry if you try to explain away your behaviour and refuse to take responsibility for it. Remember that judges have likely had many experiences with prior drug offenders, and they have heard every excuse in the book. It will cast you in a much better light if you agree to your wrongdoing and don’t blame what happened on a friend, or a family member, or society. Regardless of whether you feel that what you did was worthy of arrest or not, it won’t help your cause to start railing about the inequities of the justice system. If you learn from your mistake and express a desire to move on with your life, things will go better for you.


The urge to try controlled substances can be intense sometimes if things aren’t going well in your life, or sometimes peer pressure plays a part. Remember that your actions do have consequences, and standing in front of a judge and facing the music could be the way things turn out if you make a foolish decision.




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