Operation BeatTheBabyBulge…

I’ve always been one of those that’s had a bit of an issue with my weight. I’m not talking Anorexia or Bulimia kind of issues, thankfully it never got that far, but I’ve always been very aware.

I think someone must have said something to me when I was very small because I remember being very self conscious of my weight during my years in Infant school. Scarily true. That’s far too young an age to be concerned about something like that. Thankfully it didn’t go down the illness route. I’m one of the lucky ones, but that’s not to say its been easy.

The last few months before I became pregnant I was at the smallest I’d been in years and very happy with my achievements. I’d managed to lose a stone and a half on the Cambridge diet and I did look pretty good. And that’s something coming from me, believe me. Then of course, when little bump started growing, it all kind of went out of the window. I had a very tiring pregnancy and so exercise, apart from being on my feet at work a lot of the time, was a no go. I didn’t appear to put on a huge amount during the pregnancy itself and I was pretty much ‘all bump’ but when Bump joined us I was left with a body that I’ve come to really dislike.

I realise that I’ve had a baby and that my body has been through a lot. It created a miracle. That in itself is reason to not be too hard on myself. But I don’t work like that. I want ‘me’ back. I have a wardrobe FULL of clothes that can’t be worn at the moment and it’s depressing the hell out of me.

So. Today I signed up to Weight Watchers. Ideally I’d like to lose two stone. But we’ll start with baby steps and say half a stone to begin with, and then so on. As long as I’m in my favourite pair of River Island jeans in a few weeks time I’ll be happy.

I’ll blog my progress, I just hope it’s good progress worth blogging about.
Watch this space.



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