The Answers To 5 Unexpected Questions In Life

Women are renowned for having hundreds of random thoughts per minute. In truth, while some thoughts are indeed random, most vary around four specific themes: Children – they are the most important thing you worry about all day –, relationship – how to keep the love burning –, keep the house clean – boring but necessary –, and beauty routine. So, as a result, here are some of the questions that are likely to cross a woman’s mind during the day.


1. How Do You Make Kids Eat Healthy Food?

The Answer To 5 Unexpected Questions In Life

Mothers are always worried to keep their kids healthy and to find new ways to get them to love vegetables. Getting them to eat their greens has never been so difficult, especially when the shops are full of processed, sugary foods. In the recent years, parents are using a spiralizer introduce healthy vegetables under the disguise of spaghetti. Verdict: Most kids are happy with zucchini pasta, and they are healthier for it.

2. How Do You Bake Your Heart Inside Your Cake?

The Answer To 5 Unexpected Questions In Life

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3. How Do You DIY Clean Your House?
With rising concerns about chemical products in the household, it’s only natural to want the best for your family. The main problem is that organic products do cost an arm and are not always easy to find. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on a clean and healthy home. You can make your own natural cleaning products. For example, if you are looking at an environment-friendly way to clean your oven, half a cup of sudsy ammonia with water can work wonders on tough grime.

4. How Do You Clean Chandeliers?
It’s not uncommon as well to wonder how others are getting their cleaning done, especially if you are struggling with difficult décor statements. For instance, it can be very fashionable to create a dramatic atmosphere in a high-ceiling room with an oversized chandelier. But it’s a lot less fun to get them cleaned if you don’t know how to proceed. Your best bet – in case you were wondering – is to get in touch with an on-site chandelier cleaning service. Admittedly these guys are generally hired in places like Buckingham Palace, but at least, you know how the Queen gets her shiny chandeliers.

The Answer To 5 Unexpected Questions In Life

How Do You Make Your Manicure Last Longer?
Last on a woman’s mind: Every woman struggles with nail polish. Manicure is a beauty problem for many: it never lasts very long. Among the life-saving tricks that you can use to help your manicure to last, wiping your nails with white vinegar will help to remove any product or oily barrier between your nail and the polish. Also don’t shake your polish up and down to roll it between your hands instead to prevent air bubbles. And use a good top coat, never forget the top coat!

The Answer To 5 Unexpected Questions In Life


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