5 Incredible Tips To Plan An Adventure-filled Hen Do

5 Incredible Tips To Plan An Adventure-filled Hen Do

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Is your bestie getting married soon?  Are you the one responsible for planning a hen do for her?


Don’t book expensive spa parlours or cooking workshops for her because it is supposed to be an adventure-filled weekend; not a relaxing, boring one. You have to make sure she has a hell-of-an-experience right before she gets hitched. So read on to know how can you plan a flawless hen weekend:



The first task is to finalise the dates of the hen do. Speak with the bride and her ladies to confirm their availability because only then will you be able to move on to the following steps. Be 100% sure of the dates because not all bookings will be refundable, and it can affect your budget significantly.


Adventure-filled Hen Do


Hen do destinations

Don’t even think about going to hen do destinations which are popular for only cultural or scenic beauty; rather, go to places where you can experience extreme sports and visit sexy strip clubs. Amsterdam, Albufeira, Calvia Beach and other such destinations will be the perfect ones because there you can make some unforgettable memories easily. There are various other destinations in Europe which will be an amazing choice for a hen weekend, so plan what you wish to do first, and only then you can finalise the destinations.


Inviting the babes

Take special consideration while inviting the bride to make sure she feels special about the hen weekend. Also, you have to be sure of the babes she would like to enjoy her last single days because you will not like it if an unwanted friend tags along and spoil her fun. It’s her special weekend, so invite her lovelies only.


Adventure-filled Hen Do


Adventure-filled entertainment options

A boring hen weekend will only be a spot on your planning abilities, so make sure your plan is full of thrilling activities. There is an endless list of entertainment options for a hen weekend in Europe; from adventure sports like skydiving, scuba diving, abseiling, assault course to bungee rocket, canyoning and caving. Book activities that will spice up the bride’s adrenaline levels to make sure she has an unforgettable experience. She should be as nervous as she is excited to do any of the activities that you have booked. What you can do is:

  • Plan a two-day trip

  • 1st day – The morning-afternoon-evening can be filled with experiences like the following:

    • Abseiling
    • Canyoning
    • Bungee Rocket

  • 1st day – You can arrange a camping stay for the night, where all of you stay inside a tent and survive a night in the wilderness.

  • 2nd day – The morning-afternoon-evening can be filled with experiences like the following:

    • Skydiving
    • Scuba diving
    • Assault course
    • Caving

  • 2nd day – You can book a special dance at a strip club for the special lady, and pull an all-nighter drinking and smoking like crazies.


Adventure-filled Hen Do


The budget for the trip

All of the above steps are dependent on your budget for the trip. So, don’t confirm anything unless your budget is finalised. Ask your gals to dutch in and y’all can see what’s the best possible plan within that money. Don’t hold back if its a few hundred pounds short because your lady love deserves to experience the best.


Plan! Plan! Plan! Book!


If you have any other hen party ideas, then discuss with your babes to take a unanimous decision and make everyone equally happy. The final verdict should always be from the bride because she deserves to have exclusive authority.


Adventure-filled Hen Do


Moreover, don’t just keep on planning the weekend; booking the activities on time is also necessary to get the right prices and availability for the same. It would be very disheartening to know that the tickets for your desired adventure sport have been sold out, right? So, what are you waiting for? Confirm the plan with your gals and book the necessary activities right away!






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