Getting Organized- 7 Tips to Clear the Clutter

Getting Organized- 7 Tips to Clear the Clutter

Disarray and clutter can be one of the most mentally taxing stresses in our lives. It prevents us from focusing and is a constant barrier to order and satisfaction. Without a tidy home, office or storage space, there is a constant feeling of chaos. If you want to finally remove the clutter in your life, take action on these seven tips.


7 Tips to Clear the Clutter


Start with your digital devices

Here’s a curveball you may not have been expecting. If you want to remove the disorganization in your physical world, one of the first things you should do is organize your digital world. If you speak to most people that have a disorganized life, they will have a very messy desktop, email inbox and a thousand apps open on their phone. Do yourself a favour, and put these in order before taking action on your physical world. Trust me, this will go a long way to opening space in your mind.


Organize your mind

After you take the time to clean up the screens you stare at all day, take a moment to organize your internal thoughts. Establish a go-to notebook that you can use to write down your thoughts, and use it to sketch out your plans and organize your day. If you have a clear direction with what you plan to achieve, you will have a much better chance of avoiding unnecessary clutter in your life.


Do a paper purge in your office

Your workplace can often become a disorganized mess, simply because of the dishevelled papers strewn all over your desk. Quickly prioritize and sort these papers so you can keep track of what is important, and what can be placed in the trash.


Stack your Kitchen Cabinets

Open up a cluttered person’s cabinets, and you’ll see unmatched plates and cups stacked on top of one another. Do yourself a favour, and sort them to match the proper sets to ensure that your cabinets stay tidy and clean.


Neatly organize your clothes

Why is it that we often find clothes on the floor or unfolded at the bottom of our closets? Take the time to create a place for every article of clothing, which includes having a basket for your dirty items.


Rearrange your furniture

This may seem like a strange thing to do when your house is cluttered, but moving around the framework of your rooms will go a long way. Moving around your furniture will stimulate your mind to be creative, and to think of more efficient ways to store your daily items.


Make it a Ritual

Growing up, every Friday evening was “cleaning day” in my mother’s house. Immediately after a long week of work, she would turn on the music and organize everything into their correct positions. Creating a ritual around cleaning ensures that the clutter doesn’t build up in the first place.



These are just a few quick tips on getting more organized and removing clutter from your home. Take advantage of these strategies to open up new pathways in your brain, ensuring optimal productivity. Make cleaning a habit, and you will avoid the problem altogether.



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