Creating A Timeless Traditional Kitchen

Creating A Timeless Traditional Kitchen

Trends for kitchen come and go, but the traditional kitchen still remains popular, and it’s understandable as to why. It is arguably the most timeless kitchen interior design. Traditional kitchens focus on creating a tastefully warm and homely look. The design is a fusion of old English wooden cabinets and rustic French accents such as flagstone floors which come together to create a desirably comfortable yet sophisticated aesthetic. Another reason it has remained steadily popular over the years is that the medley of soft, muted colours and textures can be adapted to any kitchen no matter the size. From large, open plan spaces to smaller galley style kitchens the design is always complimentary. Here are some of the top tips on how to create a designer looking traditional kitchen.


Shaker things up

A firm favourite to the traditional kitchen trend is wooden shaker cabinets. Their recessed central panels and look based on handcrafted cabinetry adds texture and authenticity to any kitchen. Don’t fall into the trap of going out and buying brand new cabinets though. Instead, simply buy replacement kitchen cabinet doors as it is much cheaper and just as effective in changing the entire look of the kitchen. As the traditional style is supposed to look as if it has brought elements of the outside in, you could use plain wooden cabinet doors to create the perfect country charm look. If you prefer introducing colour into your kitchen with your cabinets, use pale colours. Personally, I have been loving the soothing light greens and blues that I have seen in many traditional style kitchens recently, as they seem to effortlessly add a vintage, sophisticated look.



Traditional kitchens welcome a harmonious layering of details such as handles and chandeliers. However, keep the embellishments simple to avoid the kitchen beginning to look chaotic or more Old World Style rather than the airy traditional feel you are aiming for. To maintain coordination between all of the kitchen accents, make sure you keep them in the same soft, muted colours of creams, whites, taupe, light greys or greens. A white porcelain butler’s sink is the perfect addition. Make sure you fit it with vintage style taps to complement its classic shape. If your ceiling is high enough, you could also suspend a pan rack over an island in your kitchen. Its industrial style metallic finishing will compliment any wooden elements of your chosen cabinets brilliantly. For the worktops, stick to natural materials to accentuate the wooden aspects of your kitchen. Granite which is subtly veined or speckled creates an expensive look and is very durable. Alternatively, you could install solid wooden worktops to match the cabinet doors.



A traditional kitchen is known for its decorative lighting. Look at chandeliers or copper hanging lights to capture the timeless vintage tone. Make sure the bulbs are soft and warm rather than stark white to create the right homely ambience. For the windows, allow as much light to flood in as possible. Maybe even consider getting rid of heavy curtains, or install some Venetian style blinds which can be opened up during the day to welcome the natural light and warmth in.



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