Transform Your Small Space With These Easy Organisation Tips

Transform Your Small Space With These Easy Organisation Tips

It’s been called ‘rabbit hutch’ Britain and it’s no surprise why – the UK has some of the smallest homes by square metre than many countries across Europe and it means more and more of us are struggling to find space to put all our prized possessions.

Whilst some homes include closet space or built-in storage, other homeowners now have to consider converting attic or loft space simply in order to find somewhere to store their items and when you’re on a budget, with a family to look after, that is easier said than done!

So how can we transform our small spaces with minimal fuss (and minimal spend!?).

Transform Your Small Space With These Easy Organisation Tips

Take a Fresh Look at Your Furniture

We’ll get this one out the way now as it’s likely to be where you’ll spend the most money. Step back and take a new, fresh look at your furniture. Could it be arranged in a different way so as to maximise the space? Do you really need all those ornaments on your mantelpiece?

Let’s start with the bed. For those lucky enough to have slide or drawer storage – great! Make the most of your dual-use furniture and ensure your bed linen, spare pillows and filled goods are neatly hidden away underneath.

Take a look at the size of your drawers, wardrobes, dressing tables and sideboards. Now’s the time to be really honest. If they take up too much space – why not sell them through an online selling site or group and use the money to buy smaller, modular furniture to keep your possessions neatly tucked away.

That footstool in your living room? Consider swapping it out for an ottoman. Ottoman’s can hide a multitude of sins – including letters, magazines, newspapers and even the remote control meaning your living space looks neat and tidy at all times (and you’ll never lose that pesky remote again!)

Transform Your Small Space With These Easy Organisation Tips

Make the Most of Your Wall Space

No longer do your walls have to be plain and bare. Your wall space is the perfect place to do some instant refreshing of your tiny space.

Firstly, look at the colour. Neutral and white tones open up a room, making it feel light and airy – thus making it look bigger so consider having a weekend refresh with some new wallpaper or a lick of paint.

If it’s too much hassle, then why not just create an attractive feature wall? Go to your local hardware or second-hand shop and pick up some mirrors in varying shapes and sizes and create a feature wall with these. The light will be reflected around the room and make it feel more open.

Next, consider installing some pretty shelving to really make the most of the available space.  Open shelving and wire baskets all work to hide away any clutter and will keep items away from those little feet running around on the floor below! You can even utilise the space on your doors too – there are plenty of slim wire baskets designed to hang on a door frame making it ideal for mason jars, spices or even stationary and wrapping paper.

Transform Your Small Space With These Easy Organisation Tips

Sofa, So Good

Finally, it may be the heart of the home and a place where the family come together for snuggles, TV and general living but for those trying to work around a small space, sometimes a huge sofa will only overwhelm and drown a small room.

Why not swap it out for a smaller two-seater option and instead, invest in some comfortable and vibrant arm chairs that can be easily rearranged and moved around for family time? This way, you’re freeing up vital floor space and bringing a balance to the room.

Transform Your Small Space With These Easy Organisation Tips



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