It’s Childs Play!

It’s Childs Play!

Are you looking for an out of the box birthday present? Want to reward your kids for doing well at school? Or wish to simply create a more kid-friendly environment? Plenty of us dream about creating incredible play spaces, but only a few brave parents take the plunge. Why not encourage endless hours of outside and indoor fun while adding an incredible design feature to your home?

It's Childs Play!

Jungle Gym

Children love visits to the park so wouldn’t it be amazing to create a bespoke, free playground that they can use anytime they like? Jungle gyms, or climbing frames can range from being just simple swing sets to sprawling mini adventure areas with slides, roundabouts, rope ladders, see-saws and even rocking horses. However, if you are thinking about building an outdoor play area like a playground you need to consider both health and safety implications, child-friendly materials such as rubber, foam or wood chips will be required whether they’ll be playing unsupervised or not.

Accidents do happen so make sure you’ve got a phone, first aid kit and food and water on site, so you don’t need to rush back to the house in an emergency. Don’t be surprised if word spreads quickly, free adventure playgrounds are fantastic but you may want to hire a ‘playground supervisor’ if the place ends up getting too busy!

It's Childs Play!

Indoor Swimming Pool

Not only are swimming pools pretty popular with kids and grown-ups alike but they also help you to stay in shape at the same time. Indoor pools are good for those who live in areas with inclement weather, or who don’t want to spend a fortune on cleaning and regulating the temperature of an outdoor pool. Most people decide to have their pool built on the ground floor of their home, however it’s good to check out all the possibilities so why not head over to Compass Pools to see if an entirely separate building could be cheaper?  Don’t forget to include any changing facilities in the design as well as sliding lockable doors. You won’t need to visit the noisy, crowded local pool if you fancy a quick dip and you’ll be able to host both summer BBQ’s and pool parties as well as saving money on a venue.

It's Childs Play!

Tree House

It’s no secret that all children wonder what it would be like to have their very own tree house especially when most movies or TV shows make them look so fun. Properly built ones last for years, and there’s nothing better than your kids being able to grow at the same time as their secret space. For instance, little ones can’t climb so you could build a small Wendy house style structure on the ground and then relocate it to the branches of a suitable tree when they’re a little older. What’s really lovely is that tree houses can be as big, or as small as you like just as long as the tree itself can take the weight. If you’ve got little design, or construction experience you may be better off hiring a team of dedicated tree house creators that can bring your dream to life.



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  1. wolfie
    15th March 2017 / 11:18 pm

    I had a coworker that had a trampoline and basketball hoop at his house when his kids were young, and as they got older, he turned one of the rooms in his house into a game/movie room. He said he wanted to have the most popular house in the neighborhood so he would always know his kid’s friends, and they would always be at his house. 🙂

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