Always Read The Instruction Manual!

Always Read The Instruction Manual!

We have moved house several times in the ten years that we have been together so you could say that we are pretty experienced in putting together flat pack furniture. However, there is a major difference between the two of us. I always consult the instruction manual first – the husband, most of the time doesn’t! Why is that?


I don’t know whether it’s because you often get multilingual manuals and it can take time and patience or whether it’s male pride that gets in the way. But whatever the reason, I’ve never understood why you wouldn’t want to know exactly what you’re doing before you begin.


It doesn’t just stop at flat pack furniture though, does it? And I have to be honest, I am a little guilty when it comes to trying to operate a new appliance before reading the technical documentation that comes with it. I think it must have something to do with all of the pretty lights and buttons, I just get so distracted that I want to start playing with it straight away. Reading manuals is boring when you have a new toy to play with is really boring, right?


We’ve bought many new items together over the years, from washing machines, to fridge freezers and let’s not even get started on the little man’s toys – when they need putting together and he’s stood over you wanting it finished and ready to play with by yesterday, the pressure is really on! Or Christmas Eve when a bike needs to be put together before an attempt can even be made for it to be wrapped. They are trying times!


I find that if I get an illustrated it is far easier to understand and thankfully these are becoming more and more common. Telling me to press this and press that is far more complicated than showing me an actual illustration or diagram. It’s foolproof – idiot proof even. I understand that they might be more complex to put together but I think it’s important that suppliers provide them, it’s all part of good customer service and let’s be honest, you’re more likely to be another product by the same brand if you have a good experience with them the first time around.


So why do I insist that you always read the instruction manual? For one, you will have a better experience with your product right from the offset. You also won’t get so stressed which will help your mental health, sounds dramatic but it’s true! If you’re learning about something new with a partner, if you learn about it together, you are less likely to fall out. Arguments are more likely to happen if one tries to go ahead thinking they know all about it when they don’t. Chances are the phrase ‘I told you so’ will be muttered. No one needs petty negativity like that and it will spoil the whole experience and excitement of getting something new.


So, the moral of the story? Always read the instruction manual, for an easy and quiet life. It’s a no-brainer!




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