5 Ways To Update Your Living Room

5 Ways To Update Your Living Room

The living room is usually the hub of the whole house. It certainly is for us. It’s where we all spend most of our time and over recent years it’s become a cross between a lounge and play area. Over time, it can get a little tired and in need of a makeover, so today I’m sharing my 5 top tips to update your living room.


Move the furniture around

It sounds simple and it really is. You can freshen up any room simply by moving your existing furniture around and giving it a new home. If you have the space, plan out what items can go where and then just go for it. It will feel like new without costing you a penny!


Renew the skirting

Small touches can make all the difference. Buy yourself some new skirting boards and paint them to match your colour scheme. A pale grey always looks classy. There are many different styles around these days, so go for something different. You’ll be able to tell that something looks new without it being obvious.


Create a picture ledge

A simple yet effective focal point for any room is a picture ledge. Buy some shelves and prop your favourite framed pictures on them to enjoy them in a new light. By having them on a shelf, it means you can swap them around as often as you want. You could even put some framed quotes in there too. This is a great modern look that you won’t get bored of.


Add a fireplace

Most modern houses don’t have fireplaces these days. They are such a lovely focal point, so if you don’t have one, put one in! You don’t even need to have a fire to put there. Buy a large vase and fill it with beautiful dried or silk flowers and it will make a fabulous focal point – and you will finally have somewhere to hang the stockings for Santa at Christmastime!


Change up the soft furnishings

Finally, soft furnishings can make all the difference. If you don’t have any cushions, go buy some. Choose a range of sizes and textures and it will soon look and feel super cosy. Grab a couple of throws while you are there and maybe even a rug. This is a quick and easy way to make your living room cosy for Winter. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth.


So there we have some quick and easy ideas to give your living room a magical makeover. Good luck!




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5 Ways To Update Your Living Room




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