Saving Money With A Greener Home

Saving Money With A Greener Home

Living in a home is important. Money is important. Both are incredibly important to adult life.

Did you know, though, that there are plenty of ways that you can improve your house, save money and even prolong the life of Planet Earth? All of this encourages good habits in the family as well!

Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t mean you’ve got to ditch the loo roll and start growing your own asparagus just yet – but there are a lot of options we can use to cut down on our carbon footprints and keep our houses warm that don’t damage the planet so much.

Insulation is the key here and the very first thing you should look into. If you are heating your home in the winter without insulation, then you are simply wasting energy and money. Loft and window insulation are going to keep the heat in your home for longer and stop you from sending your heat, and money, into the atmosphere of Earth. Insulation will eventually pay for itself with the money saved, so think of it as an investment if the price is putting you off.

Speaking of heat, you know that the Sun beams its rays directly onto the roof of your house? Well, you can put those UV rays to work by installing some solar panels. Again, this is something that is an investment and will eventually pay the cost of a full home solar system from £4000 by soaking up the rays of the Sun and feeding them back into the energy grid.

One of the best things you can do yourself, right now to keep your home green is to recycle your goods. This isn’t necessarily money saving, but it’s part of giving back to the world.

Saving Money With A Greener Home

Organize your cans from your bottles and your bottles from your cardboard and don’t simply throw everything into the same garbage can as nearly everything except food waste (well, you can compost that) can be used by recycling centers to be reused in some form. When you are out and about you can still recycle, as many cities and towns have recycling areas.

A really green idea might be to plant trees in your garden. Trees obviously produce the oxygen needed to sustain life on our planet, but they also keep our homes warm in the winter by shielding our house from the whipping winds of the cold winter.

Technology can help keep your home eco-friendly. The NEST hub and app allow you to remotely control the temperature of your home, meaning that you won’t be wasting energy when you are out and about! Pointless heating of the home is a great way to waste money and energy, and if you aren’t heating your home when you don’t need to, you could be saving a lot of money.

Of course, you could also check if you have a green energy supplier who can supply you with power and keep the planet safe for you!


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