Living Room Makeover – Trend Inspiration for Your Next Big Project

Living Room Makeover – Trend Inspiration for Your Next Big Project

While the kitchen might be the room that works the hardest in the home, the living room is the one you spend the most waking time in.  Whether it is relaxing to watch the TV, getting together with friends to shout at the football or playing games with the kids, it is the heart of the home.  That means when you look to give it a makeover, some serious thought needs to go into it.  

Why consider trends?

Love them or hate them, trends are a useful tool in the decision-making process when you are planning a makeover.  Not only do they help you choose what looks are on-trend and what colours might work, they also give you an idea of what is going to be in the shops.  After all, you might love this slightly obscure plum shade but if it is on-trend, you are going to have no problem finding accessories in the shade.  Not quite so easy if it isn’t on-trend and you might want to reconsider a little.

So let’s take a look at some of the trends for 2018 for the living room to inspire you or help you make those choices.

Living Room Makeover – Trend Inspiration for Your Next Big Project


It seems funny to think of cosiness as a trend – after all, isn’t that kind of the point of the living room?  But in recent years, big open plan rooms have been on-trend and these can be airy and spacious but not always the cosiest.  

This year, that all changes and there is a bigger emphasis on making a living room a warm and relaxing spot to be.  This means using dividers to break up those big open plan rooms, creating reading nooks from those alcoves and having small spaces for specific tasks.  If you already have a small, cosy living room, then great, you’ve ticked a trend box already!

Living Room Makeover – Trend Inspiration for Your Next Big Project

Natural wood

Using natural elements in rooms is another big trend and this is one that can be interpreted in lots of different ways.  There’s a big emphasis on the use of handcrafted and unique furniture and accessories and this means you can consider quality reclaimed wood furniture for your living room, while still being completely on trend.

Reclaimed wood is one way to bring the natural wood trend to your home.  Reclaimed from a wide range of locations from old barns and ships to other types of furniture, it is unique and interesting while still fitting in with a host of interior design styles.  From Nordic to ornate French, there are lots of styles of this type of furniture to match in with existing pieces.

You can also use natural wood accessories such as plant pots, unfinished frames for your artwork or family photos and even for little touches like coasters for the coffee table.  Don’t worry if all the wood isn’t exactly the same colour either – shades make for a warm effect.


If you are doing a complete makeover and want to have a considered colour palette for the room, then colour trends will also be interesting for you.

Black and white is one that might not work for all living rooms but is definitely a trend – especially when combined with geometric patterns.  This is a bit of a contrast to the cosiness theme but can work if that’s your vibe.  Hand painted geometric accessories and bold patterns in monochrome shades are one approach to 2018 colour.

For the warmer colour palette fans, tonal reds are another trend for next year.  This means you don’t just have to stick with one shade of red for your accessories and call it done.  Instead, you can choose a range of completing colours with reds, oranges, pinks or even browns involved.  This makes it easier to find those special accessories as you aren’t trying to match just one specific colour.

You can also combine strong primary colours together in big ways according to the trend experts.  Using colours like mustard yellow, pine green and royal blue alongside strong red shades might seem a little overwhelming but can work well.  Or pick just one or two to use for a few accessories, a throw cushion or two or even a two-coloured rug.

Living Room Makeover – Trend Inspiration for Your Next Big Project

Practical and recycled

If you went for reclaimed wood furniture, then you are already doubling your trends when you consider the recycled trend that is strong again next year.  We are all becoming more aware of the environmental cost of everything we do and buy, and this means more recycling, upcycling and repurposing.  

This can show itself in lots of ways in the living room.  Recycled wood shelves, upcycled units that began life as a kitchen dresser and even those reclaimed wood pieces mentioned earlier.  These all have that recycled and ‘green’ feel to them.

Alongside being eco-friendly, people are also looking for practicality in their living rooms.  Shelves that holds all of their books rather than a few placed in an arty way.  Inexpensive storage options that look smart but really do the job.  These are all concepts being used to show that furniture and even accessories can be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.


Trends can be embraced or ignored but they can give you great inspiration, especially for those bigger makeover projects when you want to completely change the look of the room.  Find the ones that work for you and feel free to adapt them to your home for the perfect result.




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