Give Your Home The Vintage Touch

Give Your Home The Vintage Touch

Vintage is back on the rise, whether that be in the clothing market, the music market, or the home market, people are starting to lean towards a more traditional approach to fashion. The vintage we’re going to look at is parquet flooring. You may recognise parquet due to its distinctive zig-zag shapes, and geometric design. Parquet is back on the up and we’re going to explain why, first, we’ll start with a bit of background.

Parquet originates from the French word for “a small compartment”, and first appeared in Versailles. It was made by hand, cutting pieces of varied coloured hardwood into shapes such as squares, triangles and rhombus-like shapes. Today’s parquet has been given a contemporary twist to modernise it for the present day homes.

There is an incredibly wide range of parquet flooring available, so there really is something to suit every taste. They come as fixed length, individual tiles so can be pretty much shaped into any design that is required. We would recommend that you have a specific design in mind before fitting, if you don’t it can sometimes look a little cluttered and chaotic due to its design. Parquet flooring comes with either a tongue and groove fitting system, or click-loc. Both are easy installation processes, the former simply can be glued down, with the latter just clicking into place.

Parquet is an incredibly durable material, so is ideal for homes that have heavy levels of traffic. It won’t damage as easily as hardwood, so is ideal if you’re looking for a flooring that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but that is incredibly practical and reliable as well. It truly can be seen as a long-term solution for your home, it’s incredibly easy to clean and is water resistant, so is unlikely to be heavily damaged by moisture.

The really can be an ideal addition to a contemporary home that’s looking to add a traditional vintage twist. Not only does parquet look fantastic, it’s also incredibly practical and can last you a very long time and is cost effective. Warm colours can provide a naturally warm aesthetic into your home as the winter months roll in, and the brighter colours have the effect to make space feel larger and summery, the choice truly is yours. We hope our guide has helped you to see that parquet truly can be a wonderful and extremely beneficial addition to your home.




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