If Your Walls Could Talk…

If Your Walls Could Talk…

The old saying suggests that walls have ears. It’s meant to be a comment on the fact that you should always be careful of what you say and where you say it, but it’s an interesting concept. After all, if we can personify walls, then why not go the whole way – and give them other senses too?

The one that is most intriguing is that your walls might be able to talk. Maybe they would repeat all your secrets, but realistically, almost anything that can express itself is selfish. There’s no reason to think that your walls wouldn’t fall into a spiral of me, me, me talk, and if asked to redirect the conversation to their owners, they’d want to talk about themselves in relation to you. Most probably, they’d want to say what your use of them – and primarily how you dressed them up with decor – would say about you.

Maybe they’d be nice; maybe they’d be spiteful. We’re talking about sentient walls here; the speculation is endless. But given that your walls might make the same observations of friends and family, what exactly do your walls have to say about your home design choices?

Your Walls Are:

What It Says About You: This one can go one of two ways. If they were feeling friendly, your walls would probably inform anyone listening that you’re a busy person! You don’t have time for decor. Sure, you’re going to get around to it one day, but you’ve a lot on your plate and you’ll get to it when you’re ready.

Or… If they’re feeling less charitable, you might be informed that it’s time to get yourself together and get the walls dressed. They want to look pretty; they’re demanding their place in an Instagram picture which thousands of people will ‘like’ for how pretty they are. Your walls are demanding it’s time to get your DIY on, get to Best4Frames, explore some wall art and make them pretty right now.

Walls can be petulant beasts, can’t they?

Your Walls Are:
Covered In Family Photographs

What It Says About You: You’re a loving person and you want to show off the joys of your family life. You’re all about mental strength, wellness, surrounding yourself with the things you love. You take time to find the photos you love and you display them with pride.

Or… Maybe, your wall would venture with an embarrassing look in its… brickwork? Whatever the wall equivalent of eyes are, anyway… maybe you’re a touch unoriginal? Putting photos on the walls is not exactly groundbreaking. Maybe you could spice things up every once in awhile with a print or some typography art. Pictures of people you know are great, but that’s not the be-all and end-all of home design.

Your Walls Are:

What It Says About You: You’re in the middle of a DIY project and you’ll get there, your wall mutters, crossing its fingers behind its back. Its metaphorical fingers, obviously. They have complete faith in you! Decor can wait; you’re working on your dream house right now.

Or… It’s time to sort the mess out. Your wall is tired of waiting, and what’s more, it’s got bits falling off it and you don’t seem to have noticed? You have a new priority one in your planner. No more Netflix binges. Wall. Fix it.


So, what do you think your walls would say about you? Gossipy and lighthearted, or full of backhanded compliments? You know how walls can be…




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