Why Cleaning and Maintaining Your Kitchen Appliances is Important

Why Cleaning and Maintaining Your Kitchen Appliances is Important

When you have a family at home, you need your kitchen appliances. Sometimes the washer dryer is positioned in a convenient laundry room off to the side of the kitchen and all the other appliances are near the prep area. When one of them breaks down, there’s chaos at home. Shirts or blouses for work aren’t clean, the kid’s clothes for school aren’t ready either and their muddy sports clothes still have mud caked on them from sports day.


Here are some reasons why cleaning and maintaining the kitchen appliances is helpful even when you’re pushed for time.


Shopping & Eating Habits Must Change When the Fridge/Freezer or Blender Die

You might want to make smoothies for everyone in the morning or the frozen food for dinner has all defrosted after the freezer died overnight. There are groans all around the breakfast table when it’s cold water for the kids because there are no more smoothies and you haven’t bought boxed juices in a couple of years since you got the blender. You’d think the world had ended!


Suddenly, you cannot cook your usual meals because you have no way to refrigerate them. Food won’t stay cold and frozen produce is spoiling. You need an Electrolux appliance repair and fast! Between now and when you can get an appointment (you only hope it’s a same-day fix), you’re having to go shopping for today’s food or buy fast food. Where are those takeaway menus again?


Food Hygiene Isn’t Just About Buying Food from Reputable Sources

You don’t have to purchase food from Whole Foods to get something wholesome and tasty. Buying from local supermarkets and fruit and vegetable stalls works just fine too. What isn’t so great is when the fridge is left uncleaned and starts to smell inside due to a hygiene problem. Food spills and liquids congealing at the bottom go bad, then the bacteria develop.


Unwholesome food storage conditions can make many types of food taste unsavoury and make your family sick. Potentially, it could be even worse than that. It’s important to set aside time every few weeks to empty out the fridge and give it a good clean to disinfect it. Don’t forget to defrost the freezer and give that a good clean too. Also, clean the exterior of the fridge-freeze unit as well.


Cooking in an unclean oven or on a hob that has food remnants from a few days ago isn’t sanitary either. Ants can come to live there! Regularly wipe down the hob unit with a sponge and cleaning solution (vinegar works surprisingly well). Also, clean the oven semi-regularly too.


Never Mind Dishwasher-Safe Plates. Is the Dishwasher Safe?

The dishwasher is pretty good most of the time. It gets enough liquids running through it that it tends to stay cleaner than the fridge. Check whether the gasket along the side of the door is creating a tight seal or not. If there’s a tear, it’s more serious because water will leak out. In which case, the gasket needs replacing immediately.


Inspect the filter to look for blockages. Filters can be removed and cleaned, then refitted so try that first. If the filter is showing signs of age, replace it. Also, look at the dispenser where the detergent is added. Does it open or slide out easily or is it getting stuck most times? Replacing the dispenser and fitting a new one isn’t expensive or costly to do.


If you keep up with cleaning and maintaining your kitchen appliances, they provide years of regular use. While it’s normal for appliances to go wrong from time to time, taking better care of them limits their downtime to a minimum.




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