What are Never Events in the NHS?

What are Never Events in the NHS?

You might have recently had an operation on the NHS, and have hopefully avoided any complications from it as a result. But sometimes you might not have been so lucky and had what is called a “Never Event” occur as a result of an operation or a stay in hospital. As such, you might have a case for compensation if you’ve been the victim of a never event. But if you’re wondering what a never event is, or whether you qualify for compensation, read on below.


What is a Never Event?

Never Events in the NHS are, simply put, events and incidents that should have never occurred in the first place. They’re fairly serious events, like the wrong area being operated on, the wrong medication being administered at times, or even things like foreign objects being lost in your body during surgery. In the time period of 2016-17, there were 330 never events that occurred that shouldn’t have, including incidents like surgical swabs being left in people’s bodies, and in two cases, broken-off drill bits were mislaid in patients.


Nobody wants these never events to happen and they shouldn’t if all of the rules and regulations have been followed properly during a surgical operation or any kind of healthcare involvement. If, however, they haven’t and you’ve suffered from never events in healthcare, then you can claim compensation for it.


Can I claim NHS compensation?

Yes, you can claim NHS compensation if you’ve suffered from a never event. The first step, once you’ve sufficiently recovered enough, is to get in touch with a lawyer, such as one of the team at London based leading medical negligence solicitors Hodge Jones & Allen, and they’ll be able to help you with creating a case for medical negligence, which will include gathering key documents of what happened during the incident, as well as documents for anything like loss of wages that may have happened as a result of you suffering from never events in the NHS.


Suing the NHS – how to get compensation

You might have to go to court, but your lawyer will be able to support you during the entire process. Additionally, you’ll most likely have to be examined by a neutral medical professional, so it’s worth being warned about this beforehand in case you don’t feel comfortable with this. However, this will aid your case for compensation when you sue the NHS, so it’s worth doing. Always check with your lawyer first though as to what you’ll need to get to prove your claim of medical negligence, as they’ll be able to help you during the entire process.


Hopefully, you’ll never have to suffer from never events in the NHS, but it’s always worth being prepared by knowing what you can claim when the unthinkable does happen and you suffer from medical negligence.




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