5 Tips for Customising Your Garden Furniture

5 Tips for Customising Your Garden Furniture

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or patio area with your home, you’re likely to also have rattan garden furniture. Whether it’s made of wood, metal, wicker, plastic or high-quality rattan from a specialist manufacturer, there are lots of things you can do to add a creative twist to your outdoor furnishings.

Why should self-expression stop with interior design? Create an outdoor space as unique as you are with these 5 customisation tips for your garden furniture.


1 – Inject Colour with Soft Furnishings

A great way to bring elegance and energy to your outdoor space is with colourful soft furnishings. Choose colours that complement your furniture material and reflect your personality. Brightly coloured cushions, throws, blankets and outdoor rugs not only make your garden furniture uniquely yours but add texture for the eye and comfort for your guests.

A high-quality furniture set made from rattan deserves high-quality soft furnishings. Choose fresh greens and pastels in spring, vibrant shades in the summer and rich, earthy tones in autumn and winter.

When purchasing cushions and throws for using with your outdoor furniture, make sure they are designed to be used outdoors and that they are weather-resistant. Keep your soft furnishings clean and dry and store indoors when not in use.


2 – Freshen Up With a Coat of Paint

Outdoor furniture can be made to be utterly unique with a simple lick of paint. Make a statement by using a single colour, or express your personality even more by incorporating multiple colours – why not try balancing vibrant shades with pastel hues for a uniquely stylish finish.

Make your outdoor furniture even more striking by painting on stripes, or use stencils to paint patterns There is no limit to what you can do by using paint in your outdoor space.

Depending on the material of your garden furniture, you need to use different types of paint and processes. If you are painting onto untreated wooden furniture, make sure you apply a primer before you start painting. Primer gives a nice smooth finish so that the paint will go on better and more economically.

Keep in mind that wicker furniture and high-quality rattan respond and look better with spray paints.


3 – Consider Using Decorative Tiles

You use decorative tiles in indoor spaces, so why not use them in your patio or garden area too? Offset simple garden furniture with tasteful, multicoloured tiles. You can incorporate them into the surface of your outdoor table for a beautiful and unique (as well as practical) surface.

The added benefit of using decorative tiles as part of your patio table is that it makes it more durable and weather-resistant.

There are hundreds of different kinds of decorative tile available for you to use in your outdoor space. Choose from ceramic, porcelain, mosaic or natural stone. Decorative tiles are a fantastic way to incorporate style and practicality and build a beautiful garden feature to be proud of.


4 – Add Unique Feature Pieces

If you love your stylish rattan garden furniture but want to inject a bit more pizzazz and personality into your outdoor space, a unique feature piece can really bring it all together. Pair a classically elegant rattan sofa with a uniquely stylish piece from an antique store or flea market.

You can find all sorts of treasures to make your garden or patio a reflection of your personality. Why not add an antique chest as an outdoor coffee table, which can double up as a footrest? Create a focal point with a decorative birdcage or handmade wooden sculpture? A treated tree stump makes for a stunningly natural-inspired side table, or place decorative foliage in a large urn to easily create a statement in your outdoor space.


5 – Shop Around for Weatherproof Textiles

As mentioned before, soft furnishing and textiles are a great way to inject some personality into your garden furniture. Why not got the whole mile and see what other weatherproof textiles are out there?

 Among the weather-resistant textiles available for outdoor use are: outdoor floor cushions, weatherproof bean bags, bunting and tablecloths.


Your home should be an expression of your uniquely colourful personality, and your garden or patio area should be no different.

Make your outdoor space a tranquil haven of colour and texture – whether you’re lounging on a summer’s evening with a good book, or throwing an outdoor candlelit dinner, customise your garden furniture to suit the mood.





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