Post Holiday Weight Loss Mission

Post Holiday Weight Loss Mission

So, I’m back from my lovely break away in Portugal and I’m feeling a little sluggish. One too many burgers and a few large lagers over the last few days have left me a couple of pounds heavier than I would like. A little bit of weight loss is in order.

It’s natural to over-indulge when on holiday and of course this is fine. I don’t normally have a daily pint or two (in fact I rarely drink!) and I eat better than burgers every other day so every once in a while it’s okay to have a blow out when taking a holiday.

I’m not one to give in to the pressure of looking good for others or because society says we should. I gained weight about fourteen years ago and I was unhappy with myself and in myself. I worked hard at losing the weight through diet and exercise and ever since then I have made a conscious effort to not find myself back there.

Gaining weight is so easy and weight loss can be hard. A healthy lifestyle and sensible eating with regular exercise are what it takes. So this is where I find myself.

Over the next few weeks, I am looking forward to getting myself feeling comfortable again. Documenting it here on my blog, somehow makes it feel more achievable. Having a husband who is so dedicated to the gym can be hard as I often think I should be doing more. But with a Little Man to look after, a blog to run and house to keep going, I simply do not have enough hours. But I do look after myself and that’s what I shall continue to do.

Over the next few weeks, I will eat sensibly, walk a bit more and allow myself the occasional treat. The few extra pounds will be shed and I shall be back to where I want to be. All in time for Christmas.




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