Forever Young: 4 Ways to Slow Down Balding

Forever Young: 4 Ways to Slow Down Balding

Balding is a serious issue affecting people everywhere. As our hair begins to thin and fall out, many people experience a drop in confidence or even depression and similar problems. Very few of us are expecting and prepared for the onset of hair loss. It often comes suddenly and can leave you feeling helpless.

Today we’re going to look at 4 ways you can slow balding down. These methods apply to both men and women. Many people don’t realize how big an issue balding is for females too.  Astonishingly 40% of hair loss sufferers are actually women, so we’ve kept this in mind when coming up with our tips.


  1. Use Supplements

Specific supplements for hair loss exist. Some of these use ingredients like keratin or biotin to try and stimulate hair growth, while also thickening your existing hair. These can be a great way to boost vital nutrients and give your body the raw materials needed to produce hair.

You might also want to look into general supplementation. Some vitamins and minerals are vital to producing healthy hair. Vitamin D, for example, is known to re-activate dormant follicles, and can even create new follicles! The B complexes and vitamin E are also commonly cited as being helpful to your hair.


  1. Protecting Hair from Exposure

The main types of exposure which would damage your hair are excess UV light, excess heat, and exposure to pollutants/chemicals. Using gentler products on your hair is a good idea, as is covering it front direct sunlight or even from dirty, polluted air.

A simple hat or headscarf can help with these issues, just be sure to give your hair time to breathe as well, and not go over the top. Hairdryers and dyes are also common culprits for heat and chemical damage. Try to let hair dry naturally when possible, and avoid any substances which cause irritation to your hair or scalp.


  1. Hair Loss Shampoos

Hair growth shampoo treatments have become very popular in recent times, with both drug-free and drug-enhanced versions available, depending on your needs. These shampoos are designed to be gentle on your hair and scalp, protecting the hair already there, while also stimulating new growth. They do this with a variety of ingredients to either thicken hair, reactivate dormant follicles, or create new growth altogether. Many shampoos work by combining all of those areas to aim for maximum growth potential.


  1. Lower Your Stress

Stress has been linked to hair loss in both men & women. Even if you’re already suffering hair loss, stress can increase the speed at which this loss occurs. The best way around this is just to de-stress. Exercise and try to get outdoors when possible. Build some ‘me time’ into each day, and try out practices such as yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.

By lowering stress and the cortisol levels within your body, hair growth can begin again. At worst, any ongoing hair loss will be slowed down, so it’s worth a try, right?


Forever Young: 4 Ways to Slow Down Balding



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